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Body heat powered PowerWatch is the smartwatch you always wanted

PowerWatch smartwatch

Charging your smartwatch won’t be a concern any more as a prototype on Indiegogo promises so. This is PowerWatch by Matrix Industries, and it could be a revolution in smartwatch industry. The watch is powered by your body head, as it harnesses warmth from your skin. Also, it is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and doubles as an activity and sleep tracker. The best part, you don’t have worry about charging it every night or be uptight about the amount of charge left while going on a long trip.
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Lumen Flashlight powered by your body heat doesn’t need battery at all

Lumen flashlight

Gosh, those flashlights need to be fed with batteries or recharged after the juice is down. And being a must-have accessory that you might need at any time, you have to carry it in your bag or keep in the drawer. There has got to be some way to have a flashlight that doesn’t require any batteries or recharging from the user side. Thankfully a project is up on Kickstarter that promises limitless power supply without you needing to do anything except than keeping it warm with body heat.
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Teenage inventions that are changing the world we live in


While most of the teenagers out there are busy enjoying their life to the fullest, a small bunch of them are always putting their mind into overdrive for innovative solutions to problems the world is plagued with. They don’t tinker around with fancy gadgets or upbeat toys, rather they make gizmos that even a veteran would be proud of. These kids might look innocent but what’s churning up in their mind is for all to see. And what’s important is that they rejoice every moment invested in creating these game-changing innovations. So, Let’s see what these teenage prodigies are doing to change the world we live in, and will one day become the pioneering entrepreneurs that world will remember for a long time.
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Tenth grader creates body heat powered flashlight

Hollow Thermoelectric Flashlight

Gadgets powered with hand-cranked motion are in the heat these days but to come across a flashlight that is functional by the heat of your hand is simply amazing. Created by Ann Makosinski, a 15-year old tenth grade student girl from Victoria who managed to make her way through the pool of thousands of bright kids from more than 100 countries into the 15 finalist grid of Google Science Fair speaks volumes for this project. Ann’s Hollow Thermoelectric Flashlight is completely powered by heat of human hand and has been ergonomically designed to work on five degrees of temperature difference to produce 5.4 mW for 5 foot candles of brightness. Apparently the winner of Google Science Fair will win a scholarship of $50,000 and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.
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