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Google’s Atlas humanoid can now walk like us humans

Atlas humanoid robot by Google

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics’ (now owned by Google) ace robot has improved a lot in the last couple of years owing to intense development. It has demonstrated successfully how to get up after being pinned down to the ground, and a whole set of new features which make it a pioneering innovation aimed for the tech dominated future. Now, the robot can walk on uneven terrain, and I mean really uneven terrain that would be hard for us humans to walk on.
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Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot could be your future housekeeper

Boston Robotics SpotMini Robot

Boston Dynamics have been making serious headway into the field of robotics and practical robots which are going to shape the future. Their most famous creation is the Spot Robotic Dog which seems to have an active conscious and is very smart indeed. Now the Alphabet-owned (presumably, as Toyota is in talks to buy it) company has something ever better for us. A cute little version of Spot which is aptly named as SpotMini.
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Toyota buying Google’s Boston Dynamic – Creator of Big Dog and Atlas


As per reports, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is in talks with Google regarding sale of Boston Dynamics, the creator of amazing new generation of robots including the Big Dog and the Atlas robot. Google seems to have got puzzled about what to do with a robotic company when it doesn’t actually relate to this field. Further, the search engine giant is not confident about commercial prospects of the company’s products. Read More…

How Atlas Robot reacts after being brutally tortured

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot humanoid

Alphabet owned Boston Dynamics has been very robust in development of its robotic machines of the future. Not only do they seen to be going in the right direction, the robotics giant has so far developed a fleet of robots which are superior in their own rights. One of them is the Atlas humanoid robot which is by far the most advanced humanoid you’ll ever get to see. Over the last couple of years this humanoid has undergone nifty improvements and now thanks to the team at Boston Dynamics, it can lift heavy loads like a laborer and also pick itself up after being pushed down in a mob. Much like the company’s Spot Robotic dog who balanced itself after being kicked brutally.
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US Army rejects $42m worth four-legged robot because it’s too noisy!

DARPA funded robotic mule developed by Boston Dynamics

DARPA funded LS3 quadruped robot a.k.a BigDog has been in the making for quite some time and now there is some bad news for the poor thing. The United States Marine Corp have abandoned the robotic mule for use in combat situations as it makes too much noise and gives away position of soldiers in battlefield. So, that means this soldier is not going to be in the plan of things for US Army who want to use thousands of robotic forces by 2030.
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Santa’s sleigh pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’ [w/Video]

Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’

Do you remember the highly stable Spot robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics? The same dog that stands it ground even after humiliatingly kicked by office staff as a part of testing? The robotic dog has got a new task ahead of Christmas and that is to replace Santa’s reindeer and deliver goodies to kids on a snow-laden morning. What you see in this story is Boston Dynamics vision of future Christmas as Spot and its clones pull the sleight ahead. Pretty scary and funny at the same time don’t you think?
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Humanoid strolling in the woods is scary and exciting at the same time

ATLAS humanoid robot by Boston Dynamics

Google invested quite a lot of money in acquiring Boston Dynamics and for good reason too. They are building some of the most advanced humanoid robots on the planet (Japanese are going to be so furious at this) which give us a glimpse of the future. ATLAS robot funded by DARPA has been under works for quite a while now and every time Boston Dynamics comes with an update, they startle the world. This time around though, the robotics giant has completely blown me off!
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Spot robotic dog is an intelligent pet you’d want to own

Spot dof robot by Boston Dynamics

Robotics has been on the top list for Google acquisitions and for good reason too. It is the future of how we live. Ever since Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, there have been some interesting robots shown to the world. And now we have Spot, a robotic dog that is the smaller version of its big predecessor Big Dog. The robotic dog is hydraulically actuated and the head-mounted sensors give it the sense of direction. It can walk, run, climb stairs or trot around the park just like a real dog and the buck doesn’t stop there. Any attempts to get it wrong footed are also neutralized.
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ATLAS robot makes a comeback with loads of improvements

Atlas unplugged robot

ATLAS robot by Boston Dynamics makes a comeback

Way back last year we featured the ATLAS robot for disaster struck areas, and now the robot has unearthed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) with cool new upgrades. The ATLAS Unplugged robot has a 75% improvement from its predecessor version with new looks and functionality. Now it is more like a humanoid robot with a powerful battery which gives it 1 hour of freedom for operation and flexibility to lift itself up in case it falls.
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Google’s latest robot and intelligence system acquisitions : Vision and motive

Google robots

It is evident that robots and intelligence systems will dominate our future and probably even come at par with humans when it comes to intellect. They will make for a very human like companions, with a brain of their own and let’s hope they don’t take over the human race as we are getting too innovative in creating robots for our own good. But over the last year or so a strange juggernaut of acquisitions by Google has rolled down the internet cloud and raised many eyebrows. Google has been acquiring companies that have something to do with robotics/AI and it is quite strange as the internet giant is carrying out these completely unrelated takeovers. So, what is Google up to, and what is driving it to add robotics and intelligence systems to its line of products and services? Only Google can answer this question with clarity, but do you expect them to reveal their secret? I’m sure not.
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