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CaixaBank NFC wristband makes contactless Visa payments in a snap

CaixaBank Visa contactless wristband

One of the Spain’s largest bank, CaixaBank has a very futuristic view and thinks well of the wearable technology. That is why they have taken the initiative of integrating their payment services with a NFC-enabled wearable wristband to make it ultra-easy for the end-user. The wristband is available at all CaixaBank branches and has been already distributed (15,000 contactless wristbands) to select users for testing purposes.
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Wristify wearable bracelet: A heater and an air conditioner for your wrist

Wristify bracelet by Embr Labs

Intel’s Make It Wearable Challenge which kicked off nine months ago have reached its final stages with just 10 teams of young developers remaining in the competition. With an aim to inspire the next big idea in the wearable technology, the part-competition and part-entrepreneurial mentorship program saw lots of innovative products and ideas. One smart accessory that has made it to the top 10 is a wristband that can regulate the body temperature of the user. Christened Wristify, the wearable bracelet has been created by Embr Labs and the prototype was first unveiled back in 2013.
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Intel and Fossil collaboration to fuel wearable tech trend

intel capital and fossil collaborate

Wearable tech boom is getting lauder with each passing day. Samsung, Sony, Intel, Apple, each and everyone is coming out with their wearable gadgets like smartwatches, smartrings, bracelets etc. After Intel launched the first smart bracelet, MICA, the chipmaker has now announced its collaboration with the Fossil Group, a company specializing in fashion accessories, especially watches. According to Intel, in order to support and keep up with the emerging trends in wearable technology world, this collaboration was inevitable. Read More…

Intel unveils hi-tech bracelet for women

MICA smart bracelet from Intel

MICA smart bracelet from Intel

Intel have introduced a smart wearable bracelet for women. Christened MICA which stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory, the smart bracelet comes with a curved sapphire touchscreen display. Expanding their business into wearable technology, Intel has developed the luxury bracelet in partnership with fashion house Opening Ceremony and Barneys. According to the makers, it is designed as an accessory first and tech product second. Besides offering a feminine style, MICA smart bracelet will provide alerts and notifications, including SMS messages, meeting alerts and calendar reminders. Also, the wearable will come with its own 3G cellular radio which means you won’t have to pair it with your smartphone to get the latest updates.
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Stylish charger and notification bracelets from Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech bracelet

Wearable technology is the new trend in fashion. When just about every single manufacturer in the fashion and gadget world is aiming to deliver the best accessory – what sells will depend largely upon how beautiful it looks. Keeping the idea in objective, Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Case-Mate to develop stylish tech-embedded accessory. The duo has developed a pair of bracelets – one of the bracelets is an unfolding phone charger, while the other is a customary bracelet which connects with your smartphone and vibrates when the phone receives a notification. Read More…

Solar-powered wristband for cyclists glows to indicate direction

Intelligent-blinker_EPFL wristband

Safety on roads is a concern for cyclists, especially in the dark and in bad weather when visibility is very low. There are fancy safety gears for everyday cyclists, such as the  LED glow gloves, but there is certainly scope for more. To fill the slot, five PhD students from Electronics Laboratory (ELab) at EPFL have designed and developed a solar-powered wristband which glows when cyclist extends his/her arm to indicate a turn. Read More…

Ritot is the world’s first projection smartwatch for uber’ geeks

Ritot world's first projection smartwatch

Normal watches are so mainstream and you have been wearing them for ages. It’s time to wrap a projection watch on your wrist that projects the current time, notification from your smartphone and more on the back of your hand. Yes Ritot is a revolutionary smartwatch that has projection technology which works well in the night time as well as day time. You can choose from more than 20 projection colors to suit your mood and attire. The waterproof smartwatch automatically displays a notification and then disappears in 10 seconds. The notifications can be anything from your Twitter network to incoming calls on the smartphone.
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MEVU – Bitcoin wearable wallet for making payments with gestures

MEVU Wearable Bitcoin wallet

Geeks have always with fascinated by the concept of digital currency, and Bitcoin is the answer for that. There have been numerous uses of Bitcoin currency in the past and now a new approach to integrating Bitcoin with electronic wallet system is here. Combine these two with the buzzing wearable technology and you’ve got the next generation payment method up your sleeves. MEVU, a wearable technology startup by Apurv Mishra has developed a proof-of-concept bracelet that uses gesture recognition to make small payments, like a tip in restaurant, perhaps.
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Attach Blocks together to build your own customized smartwatch

Blocks modular smartwatch

If you are enticed to buy a smartwatch, there are a handful of exciting options you can choose from. But, there is one problem with all the smartwatches. None of the ones ready to ship let you have a say in how it is made or how it looks. Enter Blocks – a modular concept smartwatch, which lets you pick and choose blocks to create your own customized bracelet. Blocks, which is still in conceptual stage, allows you to customize your smartwatch with the screen and pre-configured apps. You can attach a GPS tracker, double battery, motion sensor, microphone, heart rate monitor and a clip on display and have a smartwatch with features you want ready to adorn your wrist. Read More…

Wear your cocktail with the stylish Flask Bangle Bracelet

No matter how slim a flask gets, carrying a flask filled with your favorite drink isn’t really hip for women – men still manage to hide them in their big pockets. But this doesn’t mean women cannot carry their cocktails around. Designer Cynthia Rowley thought women deserve their share of the cocktail no matter where they are or what they wear and so Cynthia has designed this stylish Flask Bangle Bracelet. The bracelet looks and feels bulky – but bulky is in isn’t it, so you shouldn’t have problem carrying your favorite cocktail in the most disguised manner. Read More…