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Interview: Jeff Woolf, the maker of Morpher foldable bike helmet

Jeff Woolf Morpher bike helmet

Bike accident can be the most dangerous thing that can happen on the road and accounts for the maximum number of fatalities around the world. A guy, who himself got face-to-face with a dangerous accident decided to make a folding helmet that would protect the head no matter what. And we got the chance to get one-on-one with that intuitive person who is known as Jeff Woolf, the maker of popular Morpher Helmet, specifically designed to secure your head while riding bicycle and comes with light-weight and foldable credentials. So get mingled in this interesting interview with Jeff Woolf who cared to design a bike helmet with amazing protection and portability aspects.
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Morpher helmet for biking can be folded to be carried in your bag

Morpher helmet by Jeff Woolf Biking has become a thriving activity for many Britishers, especially after the introduction of Boris Bikes in London and the British exploits in Tour De France. However, while such human powered transportation is good for your health, there are always those potential risks of heavy and even fatal injuries due to avoidance of wearing helmets. Quite unfortunately, statistical figures for London say that around a whopping 93 percent of people who hire bikes don’t wear helmets. Another related report conducted in US states that more than 90 per cent of biking fatalities comprised of cyclists who didn’t wear helmets. So what exactly prevents people from wearing the helmets? Well, the general answer from many cyclists was simple – conventional helmets are too bulky to carry around. Well, inventor extraordinaire Jeff Woolf has ingeniously found a way that works around this cumbersome ‘bulkiness’. He has designed the Morpher Helmet, a contrivance that can be easily flattened and then folded to be carried in a small bag.

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Iconic red telephone-styled couch for a Royal British feel

There are many creations that are so simple in appearance yet so artistic and genuine in make that they strike the eye at the very first instance. This Box Lounger – an iconic red telephone-styled couch is one of them. Brainchild of designer Benjamin Shine, the red telephone box, a part of BT Artbox, is designed for the 25th anniversary celebration of Charity ChildLine. This is leather bound and studded sofa, that is really British in its manifestation and style, the Box Lounger will be on display at various places in London from 18 June through 16 July 2012. I’m sure there will be many Brits who’ll want the Box Lounger at home for Olympics to watch TV on it, well in that case you have a chance, soon there will be a bid for this BT ArtBox at the Gala Charity Auction or online at eBay. So, fasten your wallets and be ready.

Via: Telegraph