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British Airways i360: World’s first vertical cable car to be operational soon

British Airways i360-3

World’s first vertical cable car that is basically a viewing pod gliding up and down the tallest observation tower is dubbed the  British Airways i360 and is set to be operation this summer.  The British Airways i360 feature a tower designed on the lines of LondonEye by architect Marks Barfield Architects (the team responsible for the London Eye). The British Airways i360 is 162-metre high observation tower constructed on the seafront of Brighton, West Pier, and it features a vertically ascending and descending circular, glass cable car, which is basically a 200 people viewing platform. Read More…

Happiness Blanket monitors in-flight experience of passengers

Happiness Blanket by British Airways

British Airways has been testing the latest Happiness Blanket on passengers to figure out their in-flight comfort level. This particular piece of material is installed with woven fiber optics and neurosensors to measure the user’s brainwaves. It comes with a headband made by MyndPlay that sends brain signals to the blanket over Bluetooth and instructs it to change color accordingly.
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Guests at London Olympics will be welcomed at a pop-up restaurant in a ‘plane cabin’

London Olympics are just around the corner, thus no one wants to leave any stone unturned to impress the flocking guest. Latest in line with a pop-up venue is the British Airways, which is slated to open a mock plane cabin restaurant ‘BA2012’ to lets visitors dine on an inflight menu. This is a mock up drill, which will open on Shoreditch high street in April, to see the effect before the inflight restaurant is actually rolled out in flights for Olympics. The restaurant will feature an art gallery with British Airways dove-themed plane art, a small cinema to picture BA’s inflight entertainment, and as icing on the cake, menu created by Michelin-star chef Simon Hulstone. The tickets for the pop-up venue will cost £50 i.e. about $80.

Via: Terminal U