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BULLET shaped world’s smallest LED flashlight loads onto your keychain

Slughaus BULLET LED flashlight_1

Who says flashlights have to be heavy, big and battery eaters? Have a look at this small little LED flashlight aptly named as BULLET by Slughaus going great guns on Kickstarter. Slated as the world’s smallest functional flashlight, this accessory is small enough to add to your keychain or carry in your pocket without even knowing it’s there. Inspired by the design of a 9mm round, this flashlight weights just 6 grams in total. So small and lightweight, you won’t even know you are carrying it.
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3D printed bullets pack a punch when it comes to hitting the target

3D printed bullet

When choosing a bullet to fire from your gun, the precision of the bullet make and its material determines the accuracy of shot, apart from the skill of the shooter of course. There are plenty of things manufactured using 3D printed technology, including guns and other firearms too, so why not have 3D printed bullets? Taofledermaus, Youtube user has uploaded a video showing the first ever 3D printed bullets (filled with lead shots) of different weights and shapes being fired at varying targets using a Mossberg 590 shotgun.
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Are you man enough to pull the trigger on your face with Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brush?

Men are very particular about their looks these days and why not they be, a whole lot is at stake depending just on your appearance on whole. One basic regime that men follow to look great a t all time is shaving their face and to make sure everything is perfect they use high-end shaving creams, after shaves and razors that give the closest possible shave. But can one forget the shaving brush that softens your beard making it ready for the cut. Although guns and shaving brush don’t have anything near possible common between them but one cool product brings them a tad closer. The Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brush has custom machined body made from real revolver with nickel .44 caliber (and .38 caliber will be coming soon) bullet casing.

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Steel 20mm Bullet Chess Set for one-on-one intense battle of wits

Custom-made chess sets always have their special charm and when someone makes them out of steel 20mm Dummy rounds used by military for test feeding the machine guns installed in aircraft. Each of the chess set pieces in this Steel 20mm Bullet Chess Set has been crafted by hand and to give unique identity to each set piece bends, dents and cuts have been incorporated for decoration. The black and white color of each side’s set pieces are painted black and sandblasted respectively with the light set pieces wire brushed further for that smooth textured look. Not only this, the polyurethane coated chess set is signed, numbered, dated and hand made in the mountains of the Shanandoah Valley, U.S.A.
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Handmade bullet cufflinks flaunt a light blue Swarovski aquamarine crystal

When you’re out in your formals to make a gun-lorious statement of being a straight shooter, don’t forget to add these handmade bullet cufflinks made from 44 Magnum Desert Eagle rounds. The brass cases of the rounds are attached to silver tone toggle-style cufflink back with light blue Swarovski aquamarine crystal on the front. Each pair of the bullet cufflinks measuring ½” in diameter is accompanied with drawstring jewelry gift bag for $22. The bullet cufflinks can be made to order with any caliber bullet and color you choose.

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Dark Knight Hummer H2 is a street legal mean machine with looks to kill

Modifying vehicles is one creative thing to do and ones obsessed with this genre of passions stop at nothing to get what they have in mind. Same is true with this modified Hummer H2 which has got one heck of a makeover from top to bottom and every corner which can be imagined. Dark Knight Hummer H2 is the name and it is intimating enough to freeze anyone in their path with the killer looks courtesy machine guns, axes, guns, gun barrels and bullets embedded anywhere you can stick your eyes on this mean machine.
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