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Range Rover Sentinel – Armored vehicle that’ll keep your family safe from thugs

Land Rover Discovery Sentinel

Jaguar Range Rover has created a SUV that is bulletproof, bombproof and sniper-proof, and they call it the Sentinel. Created by the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division of Range Rover, this full-proof vehicle is the reflection of the brand’s Autobiography SUV and is designed on it. The vehicle is all set to make its debut at the Defense and Security Equipment International Show from 15-18 September at the Excel arena in London. And good news is that the SUV is going to be up for sale this month in Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East at a price tag of €400,000 and will have 3-year/50,000-mile warranty.
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Bodyguard Blanket safeguards school children from fatal shootouts

Bodyguard Blanket

It is most unfortunate when a shootout in school leads to death of innocent students. This has been the case in US schools since the last few years, as 28 children have lost their lives in 44 school shooting. In the first six weeks of 2014 itself, 13 school shootings have been reported. To keep children in schools safe from this mad rampage ProTecht has made Bodyguard Blanket, a bulletproof 5/16-inch pad made from the same material that is used by the U.S. military. Not only during a shootout but this bulletproof blanket also shields innocent bi-standers in an event of tornado when debris is falling down from the sky.
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Bulletproof screen protector for smartphone and tablet

Bulletproof Holy grail screen protector

There is a flood of mobile device cases that vouch for their superior protection but with protection comes a bit of weight and bulky form factor that doesn’t look good or feels sleek when holding the smartphone or tablet. Another solution is to have a screen protector that saves the touchscreen from superficial damage but doesn’t provide enough protection to ward off impact damage. Holy Grail Protector from Lancelot’s Armor is here to change that notion as it is a super strong smartphone screen protector which protects your smartphone from the harshest of damage inducing conditions for example drop from a considerable height, hammer attack, drill, knife, key or cut from a sharp saw!
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Crazy Japanese create bulletproof case for the iPhone 4, and we wonder why?

Now then, since I have read this, I am still trying to figure out as to why we need a bulletproof case for the iPhone. Okay fine, we can have a case that acts as an additional battery or probably one that saves the iPhone from blotting in water, but why a bulletproof case – do the Japanese think we go out dodging bullets with our iPhones! Well, for all the inquisitive, Japanese company Marudai has created this newest iPhone 4 case that the company claims can ward off a .50 caliber bullet. Read More…