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Your chance to get gadgets and toys at exclusive price

gearbest anniversary rc special

Very rarely do you get the chance to grab gadgets and toys at cool discounts. GearBest is giving you that chance through its 2nd Anniversary Celebration which will go on from March 21st to 23th 2016. Starting today, the event is done in collaboration with Intel and PayPal. Since Intel is a part of the event celebration, therefore you will get Intel products at heavy discounts. PayPal is also going to give special discounts and this would be your chance to bring home the gear of your choice at the lowest prices possible. To add that zing to the celebration, GearBest will conduct a Cake Picking Game which gives you the opportunity to win Xiaomi Phone or $400.

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$36,000 jet-powered car is for one crazy, rich bragger

Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car

Whenever one hears the word jet-powered, the first image that comes to mind is a vehicle racing past you at break-neck speed. This isn’t different either, and is definitely for ones who have uncontrollable desire for speed that can burn a hole in your pocket. Bob Maddox who is one crazy DIYer when it comes to jet-powered stuff has created a new jetpulse car dubbed by Bob as Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car, that is inspired by the post war years.
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