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Flexible sheet camera with elastic optical takes imaging technology to new heights

flexible sheet camera

Owing to the advancements in imaging technologies, devices have also really shrunk to miniature sizes and it’s likely to revolutionize photography. The researchers at Columbia University’s Computer Vision Laboratory have taken a big leap in this field claiming to have developed a new flexible sheet camera that can be wrapped around objects and can capture images from altogether different angles and views. It’s like a flexible sheet with embedded lenses which adapt to stretching and curving of the sheet. They successfully designed and fabricated a flexible lens array capable of responding to bend in the sheet which is a completely new technology. Read More…

GoPro teases 360-degree shooting camera rig dubbed Omini

CES GoPro Booth 2016

GoPro has just announced its virtual reality camera rig dubbed Omini which houses 6 Hero4 Black cameras on each side to capture 360 degree footage in one go. The company has already shown their 360-degree shooting capabilities with the Odyssey rig which has 16 Hero4 Black cameras and costs a massive $15,000. Now with the Omini, GoPro wants to bring affordable 360-degree shooting to the consumers. Dare I say affordable as the rig plus cameras is going to cost anywhere in the region of $2,500 – $3,000 which is also a steep price tag. Although GoPro hasn’t yet officially revealed the price tag we are soon going to have that detail once they showcase it at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas from April 18-21.
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Smart lamp posts in Shanghai feature cameras, Wi-Fi and electric car chargers

Smart Lamp post Shanghai

Next time you’re in Shanghai, China; you’ll be able to get all useful information about road traffic, famous eateries and hang out places right from the interactive street lights on roads. 15 smart road lamp posts, each eight meters tall, have been installed on Shanghaian streets with more expected soon. Although, main purpose of the lamps will be to light up the streets, they are equipped with host of additional features.  The multipurpose lamps sport touchscreen display, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi hotspot and charging stations for electric vehicles.   Read More…

Light’s L16 camera packs 16 cameras in one body to deliver DSLR quality

Light L16 camera

Smartphone cameras have changed the way we perceive point and shoot cameras. Most of the photography needs are catered to by smartphone cameras and for whatever else we prefer high-end DSLRs with interchangeable lenses. To provide you quality and control of a DSLR and convenience of a smartphone, photography start-up Light has unveiled the L16 camera – referred to as the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera, at the Code/Mobile conference in California. This amazing new camera uses multiple small cameras and sensor that remain permanently integrated into the body, as opposed to DSLRs that use interchangeable lenses. Read More…

A surveillance camera with panning feed of the scene in progress

surveillance camera

Taking virtual reality for security systems to the next level, IC Real Tech has developed a virtual reality video surveillance gadget that was revealed at recently held ISC West tradeshow. IC Realtime IC720 is essentially a 24-megapixel dual camera that captures 360-degrees horizontal and vertical imagery which covers most of the visible view field. The recorded video feed is stitched meticulously into one pannable feed (live or recorded) that can be viewed in 3D by the user.
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Samsung Project Beyond: Gear VR headset for Virtual reality travel to anywhere in the world

Samsung Project Beyond virtual reality environment

Samsung Project Beyond 360 degree camera

At the 2014 Developers Conference, Samsung has revealed its 360 camera module christened Project Beyond Camera that captures the scene in 3D. Thereafter, any user with the Gear VR headset can watch that place in amazing detail, just as if he/she is present there in reality. Although at this point in time the 3D camera is able to capture the detailed stereoscopic scene from just one standing point and when later on some user sees the scene using Gear VR headset they have to stand still and look around and up or down.
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Swiveling Casio Exilim EX-TR50 camera captures stunning selfies


Clicking selfies is a bigger craze than capturing landscapes off late. People want cameras with better sensors to capture themselves – and there are selfie clicking cameras available in numbers out there. Following the success of its Exilim EX-FR10 wearable action camera that also lets you click wonderful selfies, Casio has released the Exilim EX-TR50 – a next-gen camera that lets users rotate lens, frame and LCD to capture amazing selfies easily. The 11.1 megapixels camera has high brightness LED light to capture perfect selfies in low light. Able to record videos in full HD (1920×1080) the EX-FR10 features Wi-Fi, Micro USB, Micro HDMI for connectivity. Read More…

360cam: Waterproof 360-degree HD camera packs a punch despite the small size

 World’s first full HD 360-degree camera   

Panoramic cameras with 360-degree field of view have become a new rage in the camera market. Following a mixed bag of success of some of the earlier examples of panoramic cameras, a France-based Company dubbed Giroptic has developed a small egg-shaped 360-degree HD camera they call the 360cam. The tiny camera touted as world’s first full HD 360-degree camera is designed for average users who want to capture 360-degree HD videos and photos. Packed inside a black and blue outer shell, the 360cam features a LED display to display current capture mode at the time of clicking. You can use the 360cam to capture finest Time Lapse photos, shots in Burst mode and photos and videos in normal settings.   Read More…

Samsung Smart Camera NX Mini shoots perfect Selfies

Samsung NX Mini camera

Selfies are a way to express what you think about yourself, clicking photos till you get the best one to get all the compliments on social networking sites. So amidst all this selfies craze Samsung has launched Smart Camera NX Mini, a camera that specializes in taking your own pictures with the quality that you have always desired. The mirrorless camera is small enough to fit comfortably inside your pocket and the interchangeable lens feature makes it a good one to have as you never know when a selfie is coming along. According to Samsung, this ultra-slim camera is the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera that is made to focus on you from a close distance. Made from solid magnesium body draped in leather material, Smart Camera NX Mini ensures premium quality credentials.

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3D printed pinhole camera amalgamated old aesthetics with modern technology

3D printed pinhole camera

Old is gold for obvious reasons and pinhole cameras are no different as they give vintage photography a good name. Combining the good old aesthetics with the new technological advancements, Clint O’Connor based in Austin TX made his own version of a niche 3D printed pinhole camera that is simple yet clicks magical photographs. Even though this tech savvy bloke is very much into photography and high tech camera equipment, yet he could never get rid of his love for pinhole cameras and set out on making a 3D Printed pinhole camera. To compliment his DIY project let me tell you that Clint is deaf and made this pinhole camera to show the world what contemporary photography is sans any fancy photography technique that can never compete with visual impact of images taken from pinhole cameras. For example capturing serene running water in a river and photographs that require extreme depth of field.
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