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Manchester University’s researcher develops low cost smart cane


Life for the visually impaired is very tough, and at times it can get relentless. Even for the family of the blind person, life is not the same. That is what Vasileios Tsormpatzoudis, a PhD student from the Manchester University’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His mother has retinis pigmentosa (Hereditary eye disorder affecting the retina) and that affects her daily routine in more ways than not. This inspired the researcher to make a low-cost smart cane as a reliable mobility tool in daily life. And he like to call it mySmartCane.
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Volkswagen car woven in raffia palm cane from top to bottom by Nigerian artist

Creativity is the name of the game when we talk about uniquely advertising your product, brand or service. 40 year old Ojo Obaniyi, an artist from Nigerian city of Ibadan has his creative brain waves running all right as he has draped his Volkswagen pickup in natural raffia palms from inside as well as the outside. This he has done to advertise his raffia palm cane weaving services which truly stand out from the rest, at least the world is more aware about raffia palm now than they were before. With over twenty years of experience in weaving raffia palm cane this idea has truly captured his fellowmen by surprise as Ojo catches attention of everyone who glances at this four wheeled woven raffia palm cane of sorts.

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