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A chicken nugget lover’s fiancée turns his car into nugget mobile

Chicken nugget car-1

Pimp My Ride was a show where vehicles were treated for a spellbinding experience. Carjackers, a new show is absolutely opposite. You take a car to Carjackers and it comes back as ugly as it can get. Don’t take my word, feed your eyes on this Chicken Nugget car and realize it for yourself. However tempting that mobile chicken nugget may seem – it does to me for now, as I am writing this just ahead lunch, it’s not one that you and I would ride out to town. Read More…

Students build solar-powered car in fuel and electricity stricken Gaza


Inspired by acute electricity shortage and fuel deficiency in Gaza Strip in Palestine, two students from the Islamic Al Azhar University have developed a solar-powered car that does 18mph. Engineering students Al Miqaty and Khalid Al Bardawil worked closely with the University’s Mechatronics Engineering Department and created a single-seat vehicle for their graduation project. With solar panel embedded to the roof, this car is considered as an innovative step for people in Palestine. Read More…

Behold the first F1-style road legal car made from graphene

graphene car BAC Mono

A Liverpool based company Briggs Automotive Company has developed what is billed as the world’s first car with a body made of graphene. The car named BAC Mono was recently unveiled in the National Graphene Institute in Manchester at Europe’s biggest science festivals, the Science in the City festival. The car has been made to show the future of graphene as new manufacturing material, largely because of its strength, which is 200 times stronger than steel. Read More…

Japanese craftsman builds an electric car made entirely from bamboo

Electric car made from bamboo

Japanese seem to have a strange love for electric cars and bamboo. After the ravishing single-seat electric bamboo car by engineers at Kyoto University, a craftsman in Japan has built his own electric vehicle completely from bamboo. Built at a cost of 30-thousand dollars (all of which was sourced through a crowdfunding campaign), the auto rickshaw-style car, if you may, eschews the smooth curves and glossy paint of the modern day electric vehicles for bamboo. Read More…

VFL Automotive Force 1 V10 supercar revealed despite Aston Martin’s warning

VFL Automotive Force 1 V10 supercar

Former Aston Martin chief designer Henrick Fisker has filed a lawsuit of $100 million against the British carmaker for accusing him of copying Aston Martin DB10’s design. Henrick, who was advised by Aston Martin not to reveal his Force 1 V10 supercar at Detroit Auto Show 2016, but actually did reveal the car. And surprisingly, it looks nothing like the Aston Martin DB10, in-fact it looks more muscular and strikingly beautiful. Mind you, it is powered by an 8.4-liter V10 engine producing 745 horsepower and a top speed of 218 miles per hour.
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This handmade wooden Jaguar E-Type built to scale will blow your mind

wooden Jaguar E-Type

Wood has become a new construction material for car modders around the globe. We have already treated our eyes to the first wooden electric car, a wooden Bugatti Veyron and of course the street legal wooden cars by Isaac Cohen. Now is time to sit back on the chair and appreciate the sheer genius of the all wooden Circa Jaguar E-Type. The full scale model is completely handmade from teak wood though it doesn’t feature an engine. Read More…

Researchers develop first mind-controlled car in China

Researcher Zhang Zhao wearing a brain signal-reading equipment poses with a vehicle which can be controlled with his brain wave, during a demonstration at Nankai University in Tianjin

Chinese researchers at the north-east port city of Tianjin have developed China’s first every thought-controlled car. The car controlled by power of the brain is a result of two years of persistent hard work by a team of researchers at the Nankai University in Tianjin and is being developed in collaboration with Great Wall Motor, renowned Chinese car manufacturer. The mind-controlled car requires the driver to wear a headgear capable of reading brain signals. By wearing the special headwear, a driver can lock and unlock the car, move it forward and backwards and even bring it to a halt with use of the brain signals alone. Read More…

China’s real estate giant develops solar-powered driverless car

China Vanke driverless car-2
Even the world’s most populated country has shortage of labor. Chinese real estate company Vanke has realized this, and it has been working on driverless cars and assistance robots to tackle labor shortage problems. China Vanke, largest property developer in the country has finished working on a self-driving patrol car, which is part of the autonomous robots Vanke is aiming to come up with. According to the company, they have finished testing the driverless patrol car, and are now focused on readying a floor-sweeping robot, to be released later this month. Read More…

BMW 7-series gets Welcome Light Carpet to guide your way to the car

Welcome Light Carpet Lighting the way to your BMW 7 series

I remember fumbling around trying to search for my car in those poorly lit parking lots. I’m certain there will be many more like me, but how about a scenario where with press a button on your keychain a stripped carpet of light appears underneath the car illuminating the path to your car? How easy would it be to locate the car and enter it in the dark? Thanks to researchers from Fraunhofer University, new BMW 7-series would feature Welcome Light Carpet – a lighting system with stripped pattern of lights making it easier to enter the car in dark. Read More…

Largest loop the loop in a car record broken by Nissan F-PACE

Jaguar F Pace loop the loop in a car World record

At the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 we have seen many concept, production and in-work cars that will shape the future of automotive technology. But prior to the motor there were some events that we missed and they broke all the records. Jaguar, always known to be daring and innovative in their business operations have broken the record for the largest loop the loop in a car at the Niederrad Racecourse in Germany. Showcasing the Jaguar F-PACE sports car prior to its launch, stunt driver Terry Grant took everyone by surprise and drove the car upside down on 19.08 meter tall circular looped track that exerted 6.5G force during the event.
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