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Nissan Concept 2020 Gran Turismo gets a real life version for supercar fans

Nissan Concept 2020 Gran Turismo 6 supercar

It’s very uncommon to see a concept car designed for a racing game get a real physical form. We got lucky as Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo supercar design for the acclaimed Gran Turismo series has made it to the real world. Revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, England, the uber cool futuristic supercar looks impressive but it is not confirmed that is drivable for now. This full sized concept car deemed for 2020 has sort of time travelled and landed right in front of us and it is quite a beast to look at. It also remains unknown whether Nissan Gran Turismoo 6 supercar will make it to the real production lines in the future but one thing is clear, it did surprise on-lookers.
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Google’s self-driving vehicle sans any steering wheel or control pedals

Google self driving car

Google has been long working on self-driving cars that would autonomously take the passengers to their desired destination minus any road mishaps. As a part of Google X project this prototype of a self-driving car will have no steering wheel or pedals, unlike their previous self-driven versions that were actually normal vehicles made by Toyota and Lexus. This self-driven vehicle however is an independent prototype that has been built from scratch and can take the responsibility of driving even in crowded streets without a hitch.
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Handmade Mini Superleggera Vision has British class and Italian craftsmanship

Mini Superleggera Vision

We haven’t seen a pretty Mini since the R53 and now as a surprise reveal at Concorso D’eleganza Villa D’este 2014 BMW Group have unveiled the handmade Mini Superleggera Vision electric roadster that will you fall in love again. This open-two-seater car created in association with Mini and Touring Superleggera manages to mix the aesthetic looks of a classic British roadster and a modern Italian electric car. Call it a classic car, sports roadster or a lightweight electric speedster; Mini Superleggera Vision is one car you would definitely admire.
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Amphicruiser all-terrain vehicle rides on water too

Amphicruiser amphibious 4WD SUV

For those looking to get a SUV that can traverse off-roads and rapid waters with the same dexterity, Amphicruiser might be the apt choice. Developed by Dutch Amfibious Transport (DAT), this all-terrain 4WD (4 wheel drive) vehicle is built on a 4.2 liter Land Cruiser engine which pushes it at a speed of 8 miles per hour on water. And on road, it goes much faster, as you would expect with any Land Cruiser engine powered vehicle. Amphicruiser can drive on land and then in water without any hassle or need to change any physical components.

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Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle: Thought controlled car developed by Indian engineering students

Brain driven hybrid vehicle

A team of Indian engineering students who are working on a project at Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology have developed a Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle. As amazing as this project sounds, it is equally intuitive example of next generation automotive technology. Afsal Eravakkad and 5 other students churned their brains up to make this electric plus solar car that moves on the road just like a computer racing game car, the only difference being that it is thought controlled. So, if you want to turn left, right or accelerate; the idea would be to just give it a thought and the action would be done!

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£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car your little one can drive

£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for kids

Want you kid to be as stylish and flamboyant as you are? O if you are a kid reading this you want to have a new toy? Well, then all hail the DB Convertible junior classic cars designed by Nicholas Mee & Co. for the spoiled little brats. A fully functional Aston Martin DB5 inspired collection of petrol-powered classic sports cars for children aged 10 (and over) that is completely hand-made. The junior Bond car measuring 8feet 2 inches by 3feet 4 inches and just 2 feet 5 inches high is powered by an 110cc four-stroke petrol engine coupled to a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox capable of reaching 45mph. The cars have composite coachwork on steel box section chassis, wood-rimmed steering wheel, hydraulic Brembo disc brakes, electric start, lights, horn, indicators and leather/vinyl seats on the inside.
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Replica McLaren F1 supercar made by Top Gear fan for just £20,000

Replica McLaren F1 supercar

Owning a McLaren F1 supercar is no everyone’s cup of tea as it costs almost £5million and only 106 are said to have been made so far. But a Polish mechanic Jacek Mazur from Zabrze, Poland has proved everyone wrong by making his own McLaren F1 supercar for just £20,000 from scrap and spare parts. Nearly eight years in the making, this replica of the McLaren masterpiece can hurl up to 200mph, making it an amazing feat of craftsmanship and engineering. When Jacek saw the real McLaren F1 supercar for the first time he wanted to own one, but since it would cost him a fortune, he had no choice but to carve one out for himself. And it is no surprise that he has made other exclusive cars like Lamborghini Countach, Pontiac Fiero and Porsche 911 that sit right in his backyard besides this ultimate masterpiece.

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Replica Ferrari P4 is even better than the real thing

Ferrari P4 replica car by RM Wilson Engineering

The famous Ferrari P4 is every supercar collector’s dream car and only a few can boast to have one. Well, add one more to the tally as RM Wilson Engineering of Leicestershire, England have commissioned a replica Ferrari P4 that resembles the real thing so close that you would be challenged to choose the real one if they were put side by side one other. Deemed as one of the most expensive classic car, the Ferrari P4 replica project is one of the best ones by RM Wilson Engineering who are pioneers in restoring classic Ferraris. Made totally from scratch this Ferrari P4 look alike has a ZF gearbox and also has its own fuel injection system. Powered by a 400i 4 cam engine, this supercar surprisingly produces more horsepower than the real Ferrari P4 courtesy a 360 GT engine!

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Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle keeps driver’s distraction level to zero

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

Geeks following LA Auto Show 2013 will be keenly looking forward to seeing power-laden sportscars, luxury coupes and technology embedded into the vehicles for a better experience. And to quench the thirst of automotive fanatics Toyota is going to show their latest technology that seeks to minimize the driver distraction even before stepping into the car. Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle (DAR-V) made from Toyota Sienna car in partnership with Microsoft Research looks to prevent accidents by developing a way to sustain driver’s attention and awareness on the road ahead rather than other things like changing the song of the playlist being played. According to Chuck Gulash, Director of Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC), cars these days have so many HUDs and gauges demanding user’s attention that chances of accident increase on roads.
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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 Ford Fiesta replica RC car by HPI Racing

Gymkhana 6 Ken Block 2013 Ford Fiesta replica RC car

When it comes to burnout, Ken Block is the king as he goes on mesmerizing his fans by flattening the tires of his 2013 GRC Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. and showing off his unbelievable moves sliding like a soap bar on the tarmac. The official Hoonigan Racing Division rally driver has competed in many other action sports events including skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross making him a true legend when he is on the steering wheel of anything drivable. Ken recently released his Gymkhana 6 video in association with Need for Speed for their latest hair-raising racing game NFS Rivals and boy-o-boy was it cool or what as Ken put forth a series of sleek moves that were simply spine chilling. Such is impact of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 the Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course that HPI Racing couldn’t resist but make the second officially licensed Ken Block replica christened as the Ken Block 2013 GRC Micro RS4 with Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. body.

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