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CES 2017: Yi Erida is fastest carbon fiber drone you can control with phone

Yi Erida drone

Yi first made waves with $100 Xiaomi Yi action camera, now Atlas Dynamics has tagged up with Yi to deliver Yi Erida drone (a new sensation). Yi Erida is developed by Atlas Dynamics and it features a YI 4K camera onboard. It is first consumer drone made from carbon fiber. Unveiled at CES 2017, Yi Erida was shown in flight for the first time. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the drone can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (approximately 120kmph), and it can remain airborne for almost 40 minutes, Atlas Dynamics claim. Read More…

Advanced Microdrones md4-3000 made from carbon fiber lifts off like an aircraft

We have featured lot of drones and UAV’s here on DamnGeeky and joining the long list of future unmanned aerial vehicles is this Microdrones md4-3000, which rises to an astonishing height of 4000 meters. Quite capable of carrying payload of 3 kilograms; the drone measures 2.05 meters in length, is 1.9 meters wide and spans to a height of 36 centimeters. Since it is aerodynamically designed, it can take off with a maximum weight of 15 kg by creating lift just like the wing of an aircraft and then carry on for a distance of 50 kms with the service life of 45 minutes in one go. Microdrones md4-3000 can reach a speed of 58 kilometers per hour due to its light weight carbon fiber body make and can be operated remotely or with waypoints through the GPS module. For optimum power four rotors are used each having three layered leaves providing the lift and the energy to propel it forward.
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