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Apple San Francisco store to go 100% solar with photovoltaic glass floor

apple solar floor

You already know about Apple’s claimed concern for reducing carbon footprint in production of its electronic products. New Apple Campus/Spaceship Office are already on solar power supplied from a solar system capable of generating whopping 5 MW of power. So, Solar Energy would be the primary source to supply energy needed for operation of the entire campus. Now, Apple has announced installment of a floor at the Apple San Francisco Store to trap more of sun’s power. The giant claims the installment would offset as much as 61 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Read More…

WorldBeing wristband tracks your daily carbon footprints

Layer WorldBeing wristband tracks carbon footprint

We all want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. To help you take the first step towards environmental upkeep, Layer has conceptualized a wristband that helps track your daily carbon footprints.  Called the WorldBeing, it comprises of a wristband and an integrated app. The wearable is self directed – it tracks an individual’s carbon usage and empowers the user to make better decisions. Read More…

Iameco is a environmentally friendly computer made from wood and has 70% less carbon footprint

Personal computers and laptops might be the next best thing you would want on a lonely island stranded in the middle of nowhere, but they are harmful to the environment due to small signature of CO2 emissions. Keeping this in mind personnel at MicroPro (Irish company) in association with pals at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM in Berlin have built a wooden computer called “iameco” which has minimal environmental impact and it has received the EU Ecolabel by the European Union’s environmental label. The touchscreen PC consumes very less energy as compared to conventional computers right from the production stage to the recycling one.
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