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Google to launch new virtual reality headset in plastic body

Google virtual-reality headset

Going into 2016, virtual reality is going to be of great interest to all tech companies and most geeks out there. The inexpensive Google Cardboard, introduced back in 2014, has somehow made virtual reality headsets accessible to random users, but it has its own limitations. According to a report on Financial Times, Google Cardboard, which comprises cardboard housing, a pair of lens stuck up together with Velcro, could soon be released as a new VR headset in a better, stronger plastic housing with more support for VR programs built directly into Android OS. Read More…

Fender Stratocaster cardboard guitar flabbergasts Linkin Park on first look

Cardboard Guitar Stratocaster Fender Cardboard Chaos

There have been countless number of things crafted out of cardboard and infinite more to come as long as creativity is alive. Another cardboard creation that caught our eye is this guitar by Signal Snowboards inspired from the design of world’s most famous electric guitar, the Fender Stratosphere. Now that is a tall order for the sheer complexity required to create the guitar’s body. Called as Cardboard Chaos, this project came to life courtesy collaboration with Ernest Packaging.
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Now you can watch Youtube videos in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard

Youtube VR videos

Whatever Youtube is doing seems to be right as their videos load in a jiffy, there are many options and everything is falling in their court. Now, they are taking things forward by pushing support for Google Cardboard VR headset to view Youtube videos. That means you can now view 360-degree virtual reality worlds in a 3D like environment using your Android smartphone.
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Lego Batmobile made from cardboard attracts attention at the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Lego Batmobile You Gotham Be Kidding Me Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Lego Batmobile designed for the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015 held at Alexandra Palace this Sunday had some really different homemade karts race the streets of London. Almost 20,000 spectators came to see the event which features wacky cars and people driving them in totally offbeat costumes. One Soapbox racer that caught our eye was a cool Batmobile that looked like Lego.
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Silly DIY – Cardboard Treadmill is a disgrace to fitness regime

DIY cardboard treadmill

Amidst all the DIY’s that we have seen till date, this one puts all of them to shame. Or should I say, stacks itself right up there in the oddly stupid category! I was intrigued when I first saw the headline “World’s first recycled cardboard” flash on my screen. But later on when I saw the video it turned out to be really funny and annoying. Undoubtedly, 10 on 10 for effort put in to making this DIY, but sadly it serves no practical purpose.
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Modular Paper Robot walks like an insect and should be kept away from fire!

Paper Robot ZURI

Arduino-powered Paper Robot

Robotics have taken a huge leap ever since the Japanese and Chinese geeks decided to take matters in their own hands, coming up with some unbelievable applications of robotics. German’s are not that far too and this paper robot proves the fact. Meet ZURI (a.k.a Paper Robot), a programmable modular robot that is made from paper and grey cardboard. The robot is currently in its prototype stage and can be assembled in just a matter of minutes using household tools.
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Cardboard Surfboard glides on ocean water without any damage

Cardboard Surfboard

Normally a surfboard would be made from strong, robust material that is capable of taking on the wrath of nature. But, if I told you that a surfboard made out of cardboard and paper could be strong enough to bear the brunt, then you’ll think I’m insane. In fact, I’m not, as Ernest Packing Solutions working in association with blokes over at Signal Snowboards have come up with a honeycomb like cardboard design for a surfboard that can take on any kind of ocean waves and after a grueling session of riding the waves, sit in your living room.
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Turn Android smartphone into a dirt cheap virtual reality headset made from cardboard

Google cardboard virtual reality headset for Android smartphones

Are virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or Sony’s virtual reality headset too expensive for you? Then probably you are looking out for some cheap way to enjoy 3D virtual reality content. Google probably knows what’s going in your mind, that is why they showed their take on cheap virtual reality headset at their I/O developer’s conference. Well, it is not exactly a headset but a tad better in my view. Google Cardboard project is a fun and expensive way to experience augmented reality as it turns your Android smartphone into a virtual reality headset enclosed inside a DIY cardboard.
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20-year old Taiwanese student makes wearable Cardboard Iron Man Suit

DIY Carboard Iron Man suit by Kai-Xiang Xhong

The world is fascinated with the idea of Iron Man, and no wonder why so many creative beasts are embarking on the idea of making their version of Iron Man suits and accessories. 20-year old cardboard artist and student from Taiwan, Kai-Xiang Xhong has made Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit using just corrugated cardboard. What’s even more surprising is that it can be worn and one can walk freely or move body parts while wearing it. This artistic student took time from his free hours and made this amazing Iron Man suit over the course of one year which is a herculean effort considering he is a full-time student.
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Clean iPad case made from recyclable cardboard costs only $5.6

Clean iPad case made from recyclable cardboard

In the vast sea of iPad accessories it is so hard to choose one that is genuine and vouches for what it is. So, why not have an iPad case that is minimalistic, good for the environment and won’t burn a hole in your pocket? This Cheap iPad case by Apple Pie is made completely from recycled cardboard in the USA and fits 2nd generation iPad or later. The iPad case comes in a pack of three as it lasts at-least 6-12 weeks and cost just $17 (for the pack of three) which comes out to be around $5.6 for one of these iPad case. Now, you would not find anything cheaper that this and it also provides premium protection to your iPad as it has been drop-tested and functions as a stand for the iPad too while watching multimedia content.

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