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Shockproof ZVE iPhone case with built-in cigarette lighter and bottle opener

ZVE multifunctional iPhone case with cigarette lighter-1

There is no limit to what you can do with your iPhone case. You can use it as a weapon to kill, or a stethoscope to save a life. You can even charge your phone with your case; and thanks to ZVE, you can now also light a cigarette with it. ZVE, famous for it iPhone cases and power banks has unveiled 84g shockproof iPhone case that features built-in  cigarette lighter, a bottle opener and also a tripod.  Interestingly, the case can also mount onto a bike handle. Read More…

Man invents gun case with fingerprint scanner to avert accidental shootings

Artimus gun case

When most of us do nothing more than lamenting about how so many kids are being accidentally shot; Wayne Jones from Idaho in U.S., has developed a gun case to keep weapon safe from kids, yet easily accessible to authorized user(s). Dubbed the Artimus, the lightweight gun case features an iPhone-style fingerprint scanner. Authorized gun users can scan and store their fingerprints, and retrieve the gun by scanning their prints on the scanner enabled case. Read More…

QWERTY keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is so uninviting!


As the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is nearing its date, more news is coming in on the revelations that could be made. On the case is tipster Evan Blass [Twitter username @Evleaks] who has hinted with a picture that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus could have a rather odd looking keyboard case. A case cover with physical QWERTY keys on the lower half and Android navigation keys too.
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Official Raspberry Pi case with removable top for $10

Official raspberry-pi-case

Ever since the pint-sized computer – Raspberry Pi has made it to the fore, it has been an apple of the eye for modders and DIY-ers. Raspberry Pi has been used in construction of more computing accessories than we can even count. Modders have also been active at creating cases for the Raspberry Pi. We have seen unofficial Lego and aluminum cases for the Pi before, but it’s for the first time after three years of its inception that an official Raspberry Pi case is developed. Read More…

iPhone 6 case that morphs your smartphone into a lush green field

iPhone 6 grass case cover

Apple iPhone 6 has had its fair share of limelight for good and not so good reasons like the Bendgate issue. Owing to the popularity of the smartphone it was pretty much evident that there were going to be many case covers that come up for this mobile device. But none is as surprising and kind of niche as this one. A case cover that gives you iPhone 6 the look of a lush green grassy surface that is smooth to touch and feel.
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InkCase Plus for Android smartphone saves loads of battery power

InkCase Plus e ink diplay for Android smartphones

Mobile devices like smartphones are a battery drainer and there is no denying this fact. The high quality LCD/OLED displays suck the life out of your battery and account for almost 50% of usage out of all the total power consumed. InkCase Plus by Oaxis is a second companion screen for your Android phone that saves three folds on your smartphone’s battery, and how it does it is quite simple. It has an E-ink display in the back side which display’s text information like SMS messages, whatsapp notifications or social networking updates. Not only that, the surrogate display can display images and everything else, but in monochrome display.

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Interview: Suman Mulumudi, creator of Steth IO iPhone case that doubles as a stethoscope

Steth IO by Suman Mulumudi

A few weeks back we showed you one of the most innovative technology by a teenager that uses iPhone as a stethoscope. The Steth IO case for smartphone, developed by Suman Mulumudi who unearthed the hidden capability of iPhone’s microphone to detect heart beats very precisely, can even better a stethoscope. So we had to get an interview done with this ingenious kid who is on the course of making the most tech savvy stethoscope that you could ever imagine of. A stethoscope that is actually your iPhone case. So read on for what Suman had to say about our inquisitive queries and you’ll surely be amazed by his intellect.

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Touch sensitive iPhone 5/5S Moshi Sensecover flip cover case preserves your smartphone

Touch sensitive Moshi Sensecover flip cover case for iPhone 5 and 5S

Moshi has crafted a case cover for iPhone 5/5S that lets the user take a peek-a-boo at the incoming notifications without even flipping it over. Moshi SenseCover case for iPhone 5/5S is a touch-sensitive cover that protects your smartphone from the back as well as front. The leatherette cover comes with SensArray pads that provide you seamless facility of answering calls, look at notifications, swipe off alarms or check date & time without even opening the cover. The cover of this case stay putt held by a magnetic clasp that can be folded back when you open the cover. On the back side, Moshi SenseCover is made from brushed titanium and hard shell polycarbonate material that protects the camera and phone body from any kind of damage.

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Apple certified Spyder i5d battery case keeps your iPhone 5 at full charge

i5d iPhone battery case

Spyder Digital Research are at it again with yet another gadget accessory that raised the bar for iPhone accessories. Spyder i5d battery case loaded with its docking station is ideal for Apple smartphone users as it facilitates drop-in charging and direct-wired data sync. Best in its class with a lightweight form factor weighing just 2.98 oz, the case is made from impact resistant polycarbonate shell and houses a 2100 mAh to charge up your iPhone 5/5s/5c. i5d iPhone battery case automatically backs up your smartphone data to Mac or PC while charging which all goes well for convenience and efficiency. The best feature of this iPhone case is the dual safety chips that protect the smartphone from damage caused by overcharging and overheating.
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Supercool Batmobile Tumbler case for iPhone 5/5s

Bandai Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

You think that you have seen the coolest iPhone 5/5S case? Well, hold your breath and have a look at this Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler by Bandai Toymaker. Having seen the liking of fans around the world for Batmobile, Batman’s ride of choice, Bandai from Japan have come up with their own version of a Batmobile, but for a smartphone. It is not just a non-movable iPhone 5/5S case that you dress your smartphone with. In fact is something that your friends will envy once they see it in your hands. It has a projector to project a variety of signs like Batman itself from the jet exhaust and the microphone & Thunderbolt holes become part of the exhaust system too. The iPhone case has its own flashlight and even the front tires are movable and convert in an instant fighting machine.

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