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Nivea Men NOSE detects your body odor, saves you from embarrassment

Nivea Men Nose

Many men out there are not blessed with a musky odor, rather one that resembles rotten fish. Alright that was a bit too harsh, but go to your gym in the hot summer, and you’ll want hit the nearest window as soon as someone with a bad odor starts sweating. Nivea wants people with bad odor to realize that they are no charmers and that is why they have come up with a tech forward way to do it. Nivea Men NOSE smartphone case along with the Nivea NOSE app is going to sense your sweat, just like women who have more stench-smelling brain neurons.
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Buy this Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus if you want to look foolish!

Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus and 6s

Every now and then we come across outrageous gadgets and accessories that make us laugh. More than often those kind of things from the Far East and we just can’t resist featuring them here. Probably that is the reason why we’ve created a niche for ourselves. This time around it is an iPhone 6s/6s Plus case that will make you laugh and wonder why it was created in the first place. No surprise it comes from Japanese accessories maker. A case you would not dare put on your phone, but still you’d wonder how cool it is.
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iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro case with embedded charging cable on the back

Soso case charger for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro_2

Whenever you buy a new smartphone or tablet one thing that you instinctively look for in the package is charging cable. To keep your phone juiced up at all times you need to carry these charging cables with you which can be a hassle at times, especially when you have an ultra-busy lifestyle. So a phone/tablet case with charging cable embedded into it won’t be a bad option at all. This is Soso Charge Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus and iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini/2/3/4 designed to solve half of your woes with a USB charging cable embedded in the back of the case itself.
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Tesla reveals iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leather case for just $45

Tesla Design leather iphone case

Tesla Motors is making a lot of electric cars with a vision to change the complexion of automotive technology in the coming decades. The interiors of these cars are obviously draped in world-class upholstery and there must be a lot of waste leather that can be put to good use. Elon Musk has put the waste leather retrieved from Model S car seats into making iPhone cases that look appealing. A very nifty idea indeed and great for Elon’s business as he’ll make more money by selling these cases under the division Tesla Design.
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5 must-have accessories for mobile phone gamers

Any self-respecting mobile gamer understands the importance of right gear for gaming. Playing like a pro starts with acting like one. E-sports legends stock their game rooms with the finest equipment and you’ll want to follow suit. So it’s high time to fill your wish list with the equipment that’ll make the biggest difference in getting high scores, epic loot, and achievements. Here are five must-have gaming accessories for your smartphones that are a must if you are a die-hard gamer.
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QWERTY keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is so uninviting!


As the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is nearing its date, more news is coming in on the revelations that could be made. On the case is tipster Evan Blass [Twitter username @Evleaks] who has hinted with a picture that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus could have a rather odd looking keyboard case. A case cover with physical QWERTY keys on the lower half and Android navigation keys too.
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Craziest iPhone 6 cases for the ultimate geeks out there!


iPhone 6 is going great guns as far as sales are concerned and consequently the demand for its accessories is also rising. There are innumerable add-ons for your Apple iPhone 6 in the market, but only a handful can be labelled as crazy. This time around we present to you the most outrageous and out-of-the box iPhone 6 cases that will certainly grab others attention once you adorn your Apple smartphone with them. So without getting into much conversation, let’s head straight over the collection of crazy iPhone 6 cases that you can grab right now.
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Crazy Case Batmobile – Cool looking case cover for your iPhone 6

Crazy Case Batmobile case cover for your iPhone 6

Got bored with the usual iPhone 6 cases out there? Then you got to consider draping your Apple iPhone 6 in this Batmobile Tumblr case by Bandai from Japan, who have made such cool cases for iPhone 5/5S too. Similar to the Bandai iPhone 5/5S case, the Batmobile iPhone 6 case has a really cool look and comes with nifty changes and additions when compared to previous versions. Dubbed as Crazy Case Batmobile, this iPhone 6 case lends your smartphone a very cool look and premium protection.
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Say goodbye to bendgate with Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6

Gresso aluminum iPhone 6 case

Bumper case cover for iPhone 6

Amidst all the Bendgate fiasco iPhone 6 accessories seem to be pouring out in number, owing to the popularity of the Apple smartphone for so many years now. Gresso is looking to cash-in on the opportunity and has come up with a case for iPhone 6 that protects it from any bending or pulling out your hair which is called as the Hairgate issue. Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6 is lightweight and protects your smartphone from nay bending problems when kept in the pocket. To be precise the case can take on weight of 300 lbs via its 2mm back panel made from CNC machined aluminum which is highly resistant to compression and bending.
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iPhone 6 case that morphs your smartphone into a lush green field

iPhone 6 grass case cover

Apple iPhone 6 has had its fair share of limelight for good and not so good reasons like the Bendgate issue. Owing to the popularity of the smartphone it was pretty much evident that there were going to be many case covers that come up for this mobile device. But none is as surprising and kind of niche as this one. A case cover that gives you iPhone 6 the look of a lush green grassy surface that is smooth to touch and feel.
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