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The most sought after types of online casino games

Online casino games

It is estimated that online casinos pull in a whopping $278 billion dollars of profit each year and will continue to grow into the near future. Even without offering virtual poker games in 2016, New Jersey casino Golden Nugget pulled in over 54 million from online bets in just one month. That’s a ton of money for casinos, and it speaks to the rise in popularity of internet gambling sites with online players. Part of what makes online casinos so attractive and fun to visit are the games, which feature increasingly creative themes, great payouts, and play that makes you feel like you’re in a live game. Read More…

Anti-cheating techniques used by casinos

Anti-cheating techniques used by casinos

There isn’t a set date of when casino cheating became a thing among players because it was simply always present. There were always individuals as well as groups of collaborates who tried to come up with new ways of stealing money from operators. In the past, the most common ways of casino cheating were roulette past posting and card switching. You’ll be surprised at how many times the dealer was part of the cheating process and helped their fellow cheaters by false shuffling the cards or simply by scooping chips in their pants.

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Meet ‘Min’ the robotic card dealer all set to make gambling more interesting

Min card dealer robot

Gambling is a bit hit around the world and card dealing games are most famous among gamblers. Card dealers add their own essence to the game in progress and it has been an age-old tradition in casino games like spin palace. Taking a detour from the usual card dealing ritual is this humanoid croupier called Min. Developed by Hong Kong-based gaming machine manufacturer Paradise Entertainment Ltd., the robotic card dealer is a pretty face with amazing capabilities. The robotic dealer is all set to have AI capabilities which will allow it to converse with players and even remember their names.
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How online gaming is creating a global community

Online gaming

The world is a big place, but it’s not as big as it used to be. Over 3 billion people now have internet access, about 40% of the world population and it’s only growing. In 1995, less than 1% could get online, but ever-changing technology is making it easier, not just for people to get online, but to connect with the world. Social media has exploded in recent years and everyone from your mate to your granny is getting social online, with a host of platforms to choose from.
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How about a roulette wheel game in your USB drive?

Green House USB Drive with dice and roulette game

In a world dominated by OTG (On-the-go) USB drives that have capacity in the region of 128GB, you won’t give much attention to an 8GB storage device working on the old USB 2.0 interface. But if it has a playful dice game and a roulette then things might get a little interesting. That’s exactly what Green House has in store for you with two different USB drive options that have a fully-functional dice game or a roulette wheel on top.
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