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Renovated Gallery House features a wall display of art and ceramics


Architect Neil Dusheiko has recently renovated the Gallery House in Stoke Newington, London for his father-in-law.  The biggest change in the house is the new kitchen, which extends over the old side alley. Moreover, an array of skylights extends across this extra space, along with a wall storage that’s built from oak. This wall display is designed for displaying ceramics, glassware, and framed pictures. Read More…

Ultra high temperature ceramics use may lead to hypersonic air travel soon

Hypersonic speed aircrafts

Hypersonic speed aircrafts doesn’t look that far away with scientists working on technologies for a faster air travel. UK researchers are developing prototype technologies that could see new types of aircrafts travelling at hypersonic speeds. Flying five times faster than the speed of sound, these aircrafts will cut the long travel times to very short ones. The hypersonic speeds will provide enough power to the plane that it will leave the atmosphere of earth and after flying through space, it will re-emerge as approaching near its destination. However, creating a material that can withstand high temperatures is the main challenge in making hypersonic travel a reality. Currently, Ultra high temperature ceramics are the only materials that can withstand such high pressure and temperature.
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