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CES 2014: $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with Monster’s dynamic audio system

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Monster CES 2014

Lamborghini Veneno is one sexy car that is a dream for millions out there but only a few have the money to buy it. And when a Lamborghini Veneno gets even sexier than ever it is kind of a car lover’s ultimate fantasy. Sant’ Agata-based company Monster has joined hands with Lamborghini to come up with a special edition Monster version of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster having a high end music system powered by Monster. The audio system that alone costs around $50,000 is in a class of its own with dynamic sound and clarity courtesy Pure Monster Sound tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee and the latest technologies in sonic innovation for an immersive listening experience. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is currently on display at CES 2014 and is turning eyeballs as everyone wants to get inside this exclusive supercar to have a feel of it.

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CES 2014: LaCie Culbuto Flash Drive springs back up when knocked down


Are you sick of misplacing your USB drives on a messy desk? LaCie may have just revealed an answer to your woes at CES 2014. Designed by French designer Constance Guisset, the LaCie USB flash drive is dubbed the Culbuto (French for a toy with weighted base that keeps vertical even when knocked down). LaCie Culbuto flash drive features a hefty solid spherical metal base which keeps the USB drive upright when not in use. When not connected to a computer, the LaCie Culbuto flash drive bobs side to side on being pocked, so it never topples over and you never lose it. Read More…

CES 2014: Sinister gamepad will electrify gamers with haptic technology

Sinister PC Gaming Device by Tivitas Interactive at CES 2014

Last month, we talked about the GVX console for extreme reality gaming. And, now the realm of CES 2014 has brought forth another gaming device for the ultimate ‘realistic’ experience. Tivitas Interactive has introduced their Sinister gaming device prototype that boasts of haptic features with its integrated ViviTouch technology. Originally conceived for audio immersion, the ViviTouch alludes to the ‘feel’ of the multimedia experience, created by the engrossing and interactive HD sound effects. This impeccable scope of sound perception covers a simultaneous (and precise) ambit of audio, ranging from conspicuous effects like rumbles of gunfire to smaller details like splashing of water. The Sinister gaming device with its ‘artificial muscles’ takes advantage of this immaculate sound system to give us the optimized dose of realistic environment when gaming.

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CES 2014: Lumo Lift wearable discreetly vibrates to rectify your standing posture

Lumo Lift

It is good to know that all wearable devices showcased at CES do not intrude upon your personalized health management. There are some that have an ‘ole fashioned’ way of setting things right. We are talking about the Lumo BodyTech’s Lumo Lift, a wearable that vibrates to help you in having a proper standing posture. Envisaged as a small, square-shaped plate, the Lumo Lift has the discreet ability to detect your body’s positional attributes, which also includes the relaxing of our muscles and slouching tendency. On detection, the device simply gives you a gentlemanly reminder to rectify your stance. This would surely come in handy when your boss is moving around the room inspecting his troops.

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CES 2014: Ultra-low power AMD Nano PC measures as small as a smartphone


Mini PCs haven’t been a frequent site at CES 2014, nonetheless it has not been a deterrent for AMD which very merrily displayed their next generation ultra-low power Mullins APU powered HTPC. The miniscule wonder is basically a prototype Nano PC designed to sit atop a television set, but shouldn’t be mistaken for a set top box. The AMD Nano PC is stuffed in with a Mullins low-voltage APU (features unknown) along with a 256GB SSD, a camera and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DockPort for connectivity (DockPort combines USB 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 on single cable to allow users to control up to four monitors, along with input and output peripherals). Read More…

CES 2014: iPhone 5/5s Mophie Space is a battery and storage reserve in protective casing

Mophie Space Pack iphone  5 and 5s CES 2014

As an iPhone 5/5s owner you always crave for more storage space on your phone and if you happen to be one who likes to take lot of pictures, download videos and music then nothing is enough for you. And it can get a bit tricky at times when you have to delete certain files to accommodate more space for storage. That is why Mophie created the Space Pack that doubles as a battery case, storage hub and protection for your iPhone 5/5s. Mophie Space Pack, the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone was shown-off at CES 2014 in two models, 16GB and 32GB. The iPhone case is a thoughtful charging solution that provides you with added backup storage space if you do happen to max out your iPhone 5/5s storage space. So, in a way it is a reservoir of storage space apart from the maximum storage space in the phone.

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CES 2014: Jigabot debuts their AIMe robotic mount with automated motion

Jigabot's AIMe

In the world of amateur outdoor photography, the automatic camera is the king. At least, that is what Jigabot believes, as is noticeable from their advanced set-up AIMe. Conceived as a yellow tripod mount shaped like a tube, the contraption has been tailored to ‘follow’ the subject. This means the subject is always kept in frame, and that is possible with the motional attributes of the AIMe robotic mount. In this regard, the contraption can both swivel and tilt, with its automated movements being governed by complex algorithms and processed by a quad-core ARM set-up.

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CES 2014: CAT B100 phone is super tough sans any style statement

CAT B100 phone CES 2014

Whenever the word CAT comes to mind you associate it with rugged machinery and now Caterpillar has revealed to the world its rugged CAT B100 phone at CES 2014, Las Vegas. With a mind-boggling IP67 and MIL 810G protection level this phone beats them all when it comes to waterproof (one meter water for 30 minutes), heatproof (55 °C), freeze-proof (-25 °C), drop-proof (1.8 meters), hazardous environment proof credentials. The phone features a MediaTek 6276W processor, 2.2-inch 240 x 320 pixel QVGA display, has 3-megapixel camera, 128MB memory, 32GB microSD card slot and looks quite simplistic when we take a look around at other smartphones in the market. With noise cancellation of the highest quality you can expect it to have clear voice calling capability even in the most crowded places. CAT B100 weighs only 136 grams and measures 123 x 56 x 17.5mm.

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CES 2014: Thinium unveils two ultra-slim charging solutions for mobile devices

Thinium's ultra-slim charging solutions

Portability is the name of the game when it comes to the convenience of charging on the go. Thinium Technologies understands this more than most other companies, as is evident from their CES 2014 debut of ultra-thin portable chargers for mobile devices. The gadgets comprise of two kinds of charging solutions – the Thinium Charge and the Thinium ReCharge. The Thinium Charge entails a compact, encased unit that makes it easier for the user to charge their devices without the requirement of cables. The scope is even more improved with the Thinium ReCharge, with its credentials as a super thin wall charger with a built-in battery pack.

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CES 2014: Sphero 2B robot is rolling mass of intelligence

Sphero 2B robot

There are robots that fulfil certain particular desire or complete tasks that are unachievable for humans. And then there is this Sphero 2B robot that satisfies your gut for speed. Too Fast but not that furious, the robot is fully customizable for any kind of rolling mania as it, the tubular design robot can perform jumps and tricks. With customizable tires, hubcaps and accessories the robot can conquer any terrain with ease as it goes down tumbling like a piece of mass at top speed of 14 miles per hour. The robot has battery reserve of one hour which is good for some unstoppable fun on weekends. And what’s more? The robot is totally programmable for new kind of games, functions and tasks that one can think of. Compatible with iOS and Android platform, the Sphero 2B robot can be controlled from a range of 30 feet in any direction.
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