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CES 2014: Fitness and lifestyle Sony SmartBand lets you see your life as you live it


Wearable devices seem to have found their way back this year at the on-going CES 2014. Newest to impress us here is the Sony SmartBand – a wristband that interacts with your smartphone or tablet and lets you log your life from the time you wake up to the end of the day. Along with monitoring your day, the SmartBand also helps you plan your days ahead. The waterproof wristband keeps track of everything from your daily physical activity to the sleeping pattern at night. It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned during the day, how much you have walked, cycled or driven and/or how much you have socialized with friends. Read More…

CES 2014: Azustar’s SOLObeats Bluetooth speaker comes with cheap $69 price tag

Azustar SOLObeats speaker

In the contemporary state of affairs, some of us have lifestyles that tend to be perpetually ‘on the go’. So naturally, the electronic accessories that accompany us should also stick to the advantage of flexibility. The above pictured SOLObeats speaker from Azustar upholds such credentials, with its spatial efficiency and mobility. Touted as an ultra portable, high audio quality wireless speaker, the bantam contrivance will have Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from devices with AVCRP and A2DP support (for remote controlling). As for its debut, the SOLObeats will be ceremoniously introduced in CES 2014.

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CES 2014: Garmin Dash Cam records every unexpected event while driving

Garmin Dash Cam vehicle camera

Garmin the producer of high end gizmos across a variety of genres for demanding users has revealed its high-definition camera dubbed as Garmin Dash Cam for vehicles to record wide-angle shots of the road while driving. Equipped with gravity sensor (G-Sensor) which detects events like braking or a collision and an automated camera that starts recording when the engine is turned on, makes is a useful automotive accessory for recording important events while on the road. Having the recording capability at 1080p, 720p or WVGA video file in a continuous loop onto a 4GB memory card or microSD card makes sure that no incident goes unrecorded. Garmin Dash Cam has a 2.3-inch color display that makes it easy for the driver to review the videos when needed and the gizmo can be easily mounted onto the windshield of the automobile.
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CES 2014: Induct demonstrates world’s first all-electric Navia driverless shuttle

Novia driverless shuttle

French automobile manufacturer Induct demoded the Navia, an 8 passenger driverless robotized shuttle at the CES 2014. The Navia driverless shuttle brings out the best of new robotic technologies that can be applied in automobiles. Designed basically as new transportation alternative for city centers, the Navia robotic shuttle fits perfectly in the urban and ecological transportation methods. Being highly new age, the Navia driverless shuttle , which is ideal for airports, shopping malls, business parks and University campuses etc., complements traditional public transportation and would present a personalized transportation alternative in places where the existing transportation methods cannot reach. Read More…

CES 2014: iFit launches the Active Band for fitness tracking on the go

iFit's Active Band

When it comes to modern day trend of ‘digital health’, the fitness trackers come dime a dozen. And, now iFit joins in the fitness party with their iFit Active band, which will be showcased in this year’s CES. Touted as the first ever technology that takes the collective approach of combining your fitness activities at both home and gym, the scope is all about a personalized workout session. In this regard, the iFit range already comprises of internet connected equipment and dedicated mobile apps. And, now the ambit will be further improved with the Active Band wearable device.

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CES 2014: Trewgrip backwards keyboard makes typing on handhelds simple

Trewgrip mobile QWERTY keyboard

Love your Accordion fellas? You’ll love this too – a handheld keyboard that puts keys to the back of a handheld device it sticks to. Dubbed the Trewgrip, this rear-type keyboard and air mouse is compatible with all kinds of iOS and Android mobile devices and smart TVs. However impractical Trewgrip may seem in appearance, it is actually a standard QWERTY keyboard split and rotated to ensure the hands gripping Trewgrip can effectively touch-type in mobile setting. Read More…

CES 2014: The robust Merchant Case + Square Reader for your iPhone

Merchant Case + Square Reader

Back in 2010, the Square Reader had created quite a furor in the electronic realm with its unique ability to accept credit card payments by just connecting to a mobile device’s audio jack. And, now Griffin has collaborated with Square to craft a specialized iPhone case that can safely carry your Square Reader. Known as the Merchant Case + Square Reader, the design showcases its sturdy credentials with non-slip silicone material. In terms of the form factor, the case is custom-molded to easily secure the Square Reader, thus avoiding the ‘rotating’ strain on your phone’s audio jack. The cut-out groove(along the left lower section) adroitly fits the outline of the reader, which further improves upon the swiping action.

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CES 2014: The utterly gorgeous LaCie Sphère external hard drive costs $490

LaCie Sphère external hard drive

The above pictured LaCie Sphère 1 TB external hard drive costs $490. Now, the question naturally arises – why would you spend so much money for a single PC component, when you can built a cheap rig (or even buy a Sony PS4) with the same amount? Well, the answer lies in our perception of art and practicality. Designed by Christofle, the LaCie Sphère is touted as a work of art with its impeccably curvaceous form, gorgeous silhouette and ethereally reflective surface. The striking sphere is uniquely crafted from silver-plated steel, as it ‘snugly’ encases the original hard drive component.

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Technogym UNITY cardio console treadmill with Google Glass compatibility

Google Glass controlled cadio console treadmill

Technogym, the leader in innovative fitness equipment has come up with a Google Glass controlled treadmill christened UNITY that is state of the art when it comes to high end fitness experience. The cardio console is complete with an Android-based (version 4.0 open API platform) system that has a tablet like display panel for providing the visual running environment as well as other display elements like current distance, speed etc. To be shown-off at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, the treadmill provides a unique experience of cardio workout as well as the ability to connect with personal trainer or friends via webcam. UNITY is compatible with MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and Withings while the Virtual Training and entertainment experience through internet, TV and games extends its functionality.
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CES 2014: Mother is your surrogate electronic mom that takes care of everything

Mother task managing device

In today’s time we have gadgets and gizmos that have altered our lives to fit around their usability rather than these gadgets filling in for making our life easier and revolving around our schedules. It was time a mom like device was introduced that sets our lives back on track and makes it much simpler. And hence came into existence this niche gizmo called Mother that understands your needs adapts itself to make your life much more merry. This stand-alone device comes with WiFi connectivity and has independent sub-gadgets called as Motion Cookies that adapt to your daily tasks and give you timely push notifications and alerts. These so called Motion Cookies are loaded with magical sensors that in a way adapt to your wishes and tasks for example taking your medication on time or measure the quality of sleep.

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