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7 coolest tech innovations from CES 2016


CES 2016 was a grand welcome to the New Year. The world stood still in amazement as the future of technology was unveiled by over 3,600 companies (big and small) at the 2.4 million net square feet of exhibition area in Las Vegas. It was the largest exhibition floor in Consumer Electronics Show history and so was the exhibition – an exhibition that had on display the top in the tech lined up for the year. Here are the best tech innovations from CES 2016 that showcased all kinds of innovations from wearable tech to virtual reality and from drones and home automation to game changing 3D printing. Read More…

Apple likely working on wireless earbuds to debut with iPhone 7

Apple wireless earbuds demo image

CES 2016 was flooded with headphone/earphones – and wireless earbuds, including the Hush Smart Earbuds, were the bug crowd pullers. Apple does not attend Consumer Electronics Show, but that doesn’t stop the Cupertino giant from creating excitement at the event. This time the rumor mill has it that Apple is working on a pair of wireless earbus with Beats Electronics (it’s the same audio devices company Apple bought a couple of years back). The truly wireless earphones will have no wire to connect the two earbuds and should debut alongside the iPhone 7. Read More…

Ford tests self-driving car in snowy conditions, announces plans at Detroit Auto Show 2016

Ford self-driving car in snow

As a proactive move towards the self-driving dominated future that has already been initiated by Google and Tesla Motors, more auto giants are joining the bandwagon. One thing automakers so far have not accounted for is bad weather conditions like rain/snow and Ford wants to fix that. They have developed a new fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrid cars which use radar, LiDAR sensors with range of 200 meters and real-time 3D mapping technology.
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CES 2016: Get yourself 3D printed as a cool toy or superhero mini-figure

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016

Mini-figures and 3D printed replicas of yourself sound so exciting. This is the new craze and everybody wants to have a small toy replicating them into a superhero or remembering a special moment in time. A few days ago we saw the cool way to turn yourself into a Lego mini-figurine and now we have two more amazing ways in which you can get your 3D printed as toys. At CES 2016 two different companies showcased how you can turn yourself into a superhero mini-figure or simply have your own self depicted in a toy like form.
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3D printed Stormtrooper steals all the attention at CES 2016

3D printed Stormtrooper at CES 2016_1

It was CES and Star Wars craze is at its epitome. So it would be safe to say you would see something from the super galactic empire that would rock the show beyond comprehension. And a life-sized Stormtrooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is what stole the limelight at CES 2016. Even better it is completely 3D printed. Made from 40 different 3D printed pieces, this is the creation of Anovas Productions who say that there are going to be many more such Stormtroopers to promote the movie.
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Volkswagen wanted to demonstrate CarPlay at CES 2016 but Apple stopped them

Apple CarPlay

According to Volkswagen’s plan for CES 2016 they were going to demonstrate the wireless CarPlay technology at the event. But Apple had other plans and stopped them from doing so. The Apple CarPlay technology over a wireless connection is ready for commercial use with the iOS 9.2 update but surprisingly has not yet been officially demonstrated. Volkswagen wanted to change that and their plans came to an abrupt end as Apple denied them the privilege to do so.
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CES 2016: Fleye Drone is the safest UAV you can bet on

Fleye Drone

Fleye Drone started off as a project on Kickstarter and its huge success has brought it to CES 2016. The drone which managed to surpass its funding goal by a huge margin impressed with the unique design and simplicity. Fleye can also be labelled as the safest drone out there as it has the rotor blades covered by a plastic cage. This enclosure has extra protection of Styrofoam on the outside which keeps people as well as the drone safe from damage on impact.
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CES 2016: 3D printed personalized urn ensures you’ll be remembered in style

Foreverence 3D printed urn at CES 2016

Year will pass by and so will many CES convention before its time to finally say goodbye to this world. Ok, that sounded melodramatic but that’s the truth. So why not be remembered in style and get yourself an urn which reflects you love for something special. Foreverence is a company that believes you deserve a personalized urn and that is the reason why they are 3D printing such urns. Showcased at CES 2016, the company displayed one of the many ways in which your ashes will be preserves for loved ones to preserve.
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Polaroid Snap+ instant photo printing camera grabs attention at CES 2016

Polaroid Snap+ camera_1

At CES 2016 Polaroid have introduced a new camera that prints photos in an instant and is focused on simplicity. Polaroid Snap+ has a 3.5-inch LCD screen which helps the user in framing the right shot and avoiding any mistakes that would put the photo on paper to waste. Wanting to expand their market across audience, this one has an improved 13-megapixel CMOS sensor and 1080p HD video recording capability which is an improvement on the previous version ‘Snap’. As this is the age of taking selfies, the camera has a selfie mirror which ensures you click attractive selfies and instantly print them.
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CES 2016: The Aging suit exoskeleton makes you feel super-old

Genworth Financial R70i exoskeleton Aging suit at CES 2016

Normally an exoskeleton would enhance your abilities, make you stronger, agile and go beyond your bodily capabilities. But at CES 2016 there is an exoskeleton completely different to what we all believe it should be. Genworth Financial’s R70i exoskeleton Aging Suit simulates how a person feels when he reaches the age of 70 or above. The exoskeleton is created by Applied Minds LLC and it actually makes you feel like an elderly person by simulating vision loss, hearing impairment, reduced mobility and arthritis.
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