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Tiny DART-C charger for USB Type-C laptops can juice up your phone simultaneously

Finsix Dart-C

FINsix launched DART – smallest laptop charger, back in September but it lacked the fast charging USB Type-C. Recently, the company announced DART-C, a USB Type-C charger for laptops. Yes, you heard that right. Billed as the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops, the DART-C could definitely shed some load off your backpack. OEMs have been constantly developing thinnest of laptops, but the ungainful chargers with bulky adaptors do no good to their case. A device like the DART-C however promises laptop users to carry light, yet charge their laptops as and when required. Read More…

HandEnergy uses the power of your body to charge gadgets


There is nothing more sickening than running out of battery on your smartphone, camera or a flashlight, especially when you are not close to the grid. Even if you have the charger along, and don’t find a power outlet nearby, you feel handicapped as you cannot charge your device. Enter, HandEnergy, a ball-shaped pocket electricity generator that lets you charge your smart device with nothing more than the power of your body. The HandEnergy is fitted with a metal coil, magnets and battery – the battery on the device can be charged by rotating it with the hand and the power can then be used to charge a gadget of choice. Read More…

smrtFOB: A smart accessory to juice-up all your gadgets on the go


We all have gadgets, and they require battery power. The juice can max out at times when you need it the most, and it is not possible to have a charging outlet or power banks at all times. But what you can always keep with you is a key fob that bails you out. This is smrtFOB, a practical gadget which is designed for everyday use, and it solves most of your needs. Designed by a Monreal-based company, the accessory is up on Kickstarter for funding, and so far it looks on track for mass production.
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Belkin Charger Dock charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

I know you would be very proud of owning both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. But how do you charge the two – ah, different cables, different points. To give you single point option, Belkin has launched a Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone – first-of-its-kind dock that lets you charge both your prized Apple gadgets from the same dock. Read More…

World’s smallest smartphone charger is tailor-made for emergency situations

Nipper worlds smallest phone charger

Nipper is the world’s smallest phone charger

Having gadgets is one things but keeping them juiced is yet another. Many third-party accessories manufacturer have been toiling hard to come-up with portable battery backup solutions for times of desperate need. But all of them are either too bulky or don’t live-up to their claims. So, for situations where you need to charge your phone desperately a new invention has brought some light. A duo of design engineering students, Doug Stokes and Chris Tait from Brunel University London have invented the world’s smallest charger as a part of Makerversity’s Makeathon challenge.
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Samsung announce world’s first monitor with Qi wireless charger

Samsung SE370 wireless charging monitor

In another innovation by Samsung that will be industry’s first, we have been acquainted with a monitor that is also wireless charger for smartphones. Samsung Electronics has come-up with the world’s first ever monitor that doubles as a wireless charging station for your gadgets. Samsung SE370 helps you stay de-cluttered at home and office with Qi wireless charging at the base, inside the monitor stand. Just keep your smartphone on the PLS (Plane-to-Line-Switching) monitor stand and it’ll start charging automatically.
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Solar Paper: Powerful gadget charger that works with solar energy

Solar Paper charger for gadgets

The world knows it and probably you also do. Solar energy is the future for electronic gadgets along with other self-sustainable means of energy. The need to power-up present gadgets that are high on energy consumption is paramount and requires a source like solar energy that eliminates the need to carry power banks. An enterprising project is up on Kickstarter to lay to rest your charging woes for once with a paper thin solar panel array that is as good as your conventional charger.
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Pavegen and Tesla charge electic car through power of footsteps

Tesla Pavegen footstep powered electric car

If you’ve presumed a future where footstep would be a source of energy, you may bloody well be right. Pavegen developed mats that harness energy from your footsteps could soon be charging cars with help of people walking over the power mats. Pavegen has teamed up with Tesla to conduct an experiment showing how footsteps could charge an eclectic vehicle parked on the street. Off course, the technology is suitable for high-traffic pathways and wouldn’t be as simple as the driver running over the mats at one place. Read More…

Teenager creates bike wheel powered battery charger for mobile devices

Spinning Power UF mobile device charger

Harnessing energy that is all around us is paramount in developing systems that can be powered for long duration using natural energy sources. Yet another example of energy harnessing system is this bike-wheel powered charger device. Christened as Spinning Power UF, the device attaches to your bike’s wheel and the spinning motion powers it up to consequently charge mobile devices like smartphone.
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Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist keeps you moisturized

Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist

Winters are almost here and the dry chilling wave is setting into the atmosphere. It makes everything go dry – the flora, the air we breathe and our skin too! Carrying around a moisturizer is a good idea but in this tech savvy world why carry two accessories when one can do the trick. Have a look at this portable battery charger that also doubles as a moisturizer or should I say mist throwing object which keeps dryness at bay. Thanko Mobile Battery with Handy Mist is a cheeky product that acts as a reserve for your mobile devices in case their battery runs out and also as a moisturizer for drying skin.
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