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This Apple Watch stand transforms your smartwatch into a Mac


Elago W3 Apple Watch stand

Apple Watch has been a sad gadget of late. To give it a slight memory refresh, Elago is selling an Apple Watch Stand that will make the watch look like a Mac from yesteryears. The stand dubbed Elago W3 is compatible with all Apple Watch 1 and 2 variants including the Sport and Edition. The stand is a simple device designed to allow you to charge your smartwatch. It comes with night stand mode and can be placed close to the bed to use functions such as alarm, reminders or occasion messaging. Read More…

British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.
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Montar Air Qi Car Mount comes with Qi wireless charging option

WinnerGear Montar Air Qi Car Mount

Going hand-free while driving is always advised and the most distracting thing can be your phone. For that you have car mounts but not all of them can solve your purpose. A new age car mount that you can opt for your car should have wireless charging option because it is all about convenience. Finding charging wires while driving is the last thing you want, and for that very reason you should go for Montar Air Qi Car Mount that works with all Qi charging phones measuring 6” or less.
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Znaps transforms smartphone’s charging slot into magnetic port for easy charging

Znaps magnetic charging adapter-1

Almost all life’s easiest solutions are coming through Kickstarter it seems. Latest project is for an easy way to revolutionize your smartphone charging. As MagSafe connector user, we’re sure you are not aware of the charging issues; but others will be familiar with frayed charging cables and the struggle of finding the slot to plug in the charger. Znaps, a new kickstarter campaign is type of MacBook’s MagSafe-style charging adapter, which transforms your mobile phone’s charging port into a magnetic connection. Compatible with almost all mobile devices including iPhone and Android, the Znaps supports both MicroUSB and Lightning cable. Read More…

Another teenage invention that charges your smartphone while walking

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

In daily routine we walk a lot and that energy is dissipated in thin air. Perhaps a good idea is to harness that energy into electrical energy for your power hungry mobile devices. A 15-year old Turkish secondary school student with similar vision has developed a pair of walking boots that can power-up your smartphone, for unlimited energy reserve that will never go dry.
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StoreDot invents electric car battery that charges in just 5 minutes!

StoreDot Flashbattery for electric vehicles

StoreDot, the maker of super quick charging technology that charges your smartphone in a matter of seconds is now looking at the bigger segment of electric vehicles. The company has now built a prototype battery using organic materials that can be charged in just 5 minutes which is a huge leap in car battery charging technology. By developing this innovative nanotechnology, StoreDot is looking to reduce EV charging time dramatically, thereby attracting more automotive manufactures to go for electric vehicles in their line-up.
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Smart Palm: Tree that provides free gadget charging, WiFi and shade from the sun

Smart Palm Dubai gadget charging and WiFi station

In the old days we used to hear that a tree provides you shade from the sun and also fresh breath of air, rejuvenating the sense. But in modern times a tree is destined to provide you with much more than you bargained for. Yes, an artificial palm tree like structure dubbed Smart Palm has been launched by the Dubai Municipality at Gate 6 of Zabeel Park which provides park visitors with free WiFi, charging points for gadgets and some relief from relentless sun.
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Student designs Solar-powered Dress that charges your gadgets on the go

Solar powered dress that charges gadgets

Fusing wearable technology and environmentally-friendly energy harvesting resources is going to shape-up the future without a doubt. And those who invest their time and intellect in doing so will greatly help the human race in restoring planet Earth back to its original state. It is even more heartening when a high school student materializes a cool idea into reality, just like a Southview High School student did and landed herself into the international meeting in Maryland.
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Teenager creates bike wheel powered battery charger for mobile devices

Spinning Power UF mobile device charger

Harnessing energy that is all around us is paramount in developing systems that can be powered for long duration using natural energy sources. Yet another example of energy harnessing system is this bike-wheel powered charger device. Christened as Spinning Power UF, the device attaches to your bike’s wheel and the spinning motion powers it up to consequently charge mobile devices like smartphone.
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Startup electric vehicle charging extension cord gives you the freedom

Startup EV charging extension  cord

Hybrid and electric vehicles are going to rule the roost in the near future and keeping that in mind, we need to come with accessories that help in making the our planet emission-free. Zoli Honig has that same dream and therefore come up with an electric car charger extension that can juice-up your vehicle when the battery runs out. Called as Startup, the electric car extension cord gives the user freedom to charge the vehicle without the need to park in a specific location. Read More…