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Bleep smart cable backs up all your smartphone data while charging

Bleep is Smart Charging Cable to Back up Smartphone Data_5

Lost your phone and all important data in the phone’s memory? Don’t worry as Tel Aviv-based Company Musers Ltd. has created a smart solution in the form of Bleep, a smart cable that backs up your smartphone data while charging. So, no need to panic if you ever misplace your phone or if its software crashes down because all your data is stored in the cable itself. It functions like usual phone cable for charging and transferring files between devices, but what makes it unique is its ability to back up phone data as it comes with 16-64GB storage capacity. Bleep can save all your contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, calendar events, WhatsApp history, etc. every time you put your phone on charging. Read More…

Nokia’s wireless charging trousers can charge smartphone in the pocket


Wearable technology is definitely the next big thing. However, the phrase is largely associated with the likes of Google Glass, smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now, taking the concept of wearable technology to its logical conclusion, Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) has launched the world’s first pair of trousers which can charge a smartphone as the wearer walks. Designed to charge Nokia Lumia smartphones, the wireless charging trousers packs a 2,400mAh battery along with a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate woven into the front pocket of the trouser. Read More…

Indian student invents shoe that charges mobile devices while walking

Shoe charger for mobile devices

Rajesh Adhikari, an ingenious 12th class Indian student has invented shoes that can charge your mobile devices any time you want. All you have to do is walk a mile and you are good to juice up your mobile device. The invention came as a result of heavy snow in the winters last year which left Nainital (hill-town) in Uttrakhand without any power for quite some days, disrupting life and leaving the kid bored with his phone out of power. This is when the idea of inventing a shoe that could charge his mobile came into light and he started working on it. In the end he made a functional version of a wearable shoe that has a small dynamo that charges up and produces 5V electricity as one walks or runs while wearing the shoe. Add to that the waterproofing credentials of the shoe, and you have a mobile charger no matter what the terrain or the weather conditions.
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Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case plugs to any electrical outlet

Cordless iPhone 5 5S Charging Case

Those who want to have an iPhone 5/5S case with a built-in charging option have come to the right portal. The Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is a tactically designed iPhone housing that not only provides protection from falls but also a plug for charging on the go. The flip out prongs on the back side of this case can be directly plugged into any electrical outlet. Although charging your phone via an electrical outlet with wires might become a thing of the past in coming years with wireless charging coming onto the scene in a big way, but still there are times when you need to charge you phone and you have forgotten your wireless charging kit or the supplied charger at home. This is where Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is very useful as you can just flip out the prongs and plug it into any electrical outlet.

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Multiple tablet charging cabinet with in-built cooling mechanism

Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charger

Japanese company Sanwa Supply has come up with a Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charging cabinet which can charge up to 10 tablets and a laptop at any given instance of time. The cabinet is ideal for offices and professional environments where a constant need to charge gadgets arises. The cabinet can charge any sized tablets and separate controls for supplying the power to charge makes sure that maximum power is conserved. Additionally you can synchronize all the tablets at once with a single touch of button. For extra security the cabinet has a lock mechanism and a security wire so that you can be rest-assured of any unauthorized access. This charging cabinet has an in-built fan that provides cooling inside the storage area making sure your tablet’s battery is not damaged by heat.
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Apple certified Spyder i5d battery case keeps your iPhone 5 at full charge

i5d iPhone battery case

Spyder Digital Research are at it again with yet another gadget accessory that raised the bar for iPhone accessories. Spyder i5d battery case loaded with its docking station is ideal for Apple smartphone users as it facilitates drop-in charging and direct-wired data sync. Best in its class with a lightweight form factor weighing just 2.98 oz, the case is made from impact resistant polycarbonate shell and houses a 2100 mAh to charge up your iPhone 5/5s/5c. i5d iPhone battery case automatically backs up your smartphone data to Mac or PC while charging which all goes well for convenience and efficiency. The best feature of this iPhone case is the dual safety chips that protect the smartphone from damage caused by overcharging and overheating.
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iQi Mobile wireless charger for iOS devices

iQi Mobile wireless charging kit iphone 5

Wireless charging and near field communication are here to revolutionize the technology arena in a big way. So how could someone not make a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5? You, wouldn’t bet against that as iQi Mobile, a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 5C, 5S and iPod touch is here to solve your predicament. Eliminating the need of wired charger for iOS smartphone, Qi wireless charging standard has been adopted by this ultra-thin wireless charging solution. iQi Mobile wireless charger is smaller than credit card and fits effortlessly inside your smartphone’s case courtesy of the ribbon-style lightning adapter which is further connected to a Qi coil. Loaded with a beep notification feature for times when your smartphone is not in sync with the charging pad makes it stand a step above other similar charging pads for other smartphones.

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DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire is fit for adventure trips

DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire

How many times have you come across a smartphone charger that vouches for portable charging credentials but is too costly for your pocket? This can be a catch 22 situation if you are an adventure freak and crave for exploring the nature’s glory 24×7. For this very reason Instructables user David Johansson created a smartphone charger that can charge up your smartphone or other power hungry gadgets with just fire. Yes, fire is the source of energy for the thermoelectric module called as the peltier element. Using his wits David came up with the DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire (thermoelectric generator) that charges your devices by getting the fire power from gas, charcoal, burner, candle light, camp fire, wood stove, spirit burner or even tea light.
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CES 2013: Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System works with Android and iOS smartphones

Finally a charging system that can be used for both Android as well as iOS smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 was shown off at the CES 2013. BuQu Tech Magnetyze magnetic Charging System makes use of patent-pending magnetics technology to charge, synchronize and turn in any direction without the need to take out the phone. The protective light-weight magnetize cover works with many Android and iOS smartphone models, thereby eliminating all the clumsy cables or cradles. Magnets are integrated into the case and desk stand as well which enables seamless attachment and simultaneously charging and data synchronization.

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CES 2013: Innergie Pocketcell Duo compact rechargeable charger juices up two gadgets simultaneously

Charging solutions for your gadgets have been found in plenty at the CES 2013 and this one is right up there with its capability to charge two gadgets simultaneously in a jiffy courtesy its huge reserve of 6,800 mAh battery. Innergie Pocketcell Duo is a compact little rechargeable battery that can charge a smartphone four times or a tablet once with its full charge. This makes it an ideal accessory for expeditions and long tale hiking trips that may extend to more than 4-5 days in one go. You can charge your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet or any other USB powered gadget with Pocketcell.
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