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CES 2013: Award winning Nectar Mobile Power System juices up your gadgets for weeks

Are your power hungry gadgets bugging you out? Leaving you craving for a power source that will function as a huge reservoir for days and even weeks? Well, then Nectar Mobile Power System by Brookstone (modern lifestyle product development company) and Lilliputian Systems (developer of portable power products) will make your dream come true. Debuted at the CES 2013 (winner of Innovations Award for Design and Engineering in the Portable Power category), Nectar eliminates the need to hook up your long list of gadgets to a power outlet as it has enough battery reserve to ensure that you can go on long expeditions without the need to worry about running out of power in case you get stranded. It connects to all your devices like smartphones, cameras, mp3 players, tablets, mobile handsets or any other gadgets via the USB 2.0 port and uses the Nectar power Pods to juice them up.

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FlameStower charges your gadgets just with any open flame source

Energy conservation is the name of the game these days and going by the same theme it is a good idea to capture heat from any open flame source such as a campfire or cook stoves and converting it into electricity. FlameStower is this very idea for an innovative product up on the Indiegogo platform which provides electricity to power up your gadgets in places where shortage of power is there for example while on an expedition far away from civilization. The product design is through the initial prototype stage and tests have shown that FlameStower can easily charge your cell phone and other gadgets with the inbuilt thermal management system for faster warm-up time and long charge duration.
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BioLogic Joule 3 dynamo hub for your bicycle charges your smartphone and more

Bicycling is a good way to keep your lower body in well-toned shape and if you could charge gadgets too while doing it then it is double the goodness. BioLogic, a manufacturer of bike products and accessories has come up with their new innovative product called Joule 3 which can be fitted to your bicycles front wheel and used to power the headlights or battery powered mounted systems (for charging gadgets like smartphone) while bicycling. Joule 3 is very compact and ultra-light weight at 363 grams which comes as a great advantage when it comes to charging while you ride your bicycle as opposed to some other generators which are bulky and huge.
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