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Chinese Iron Man robot destined for space missions is a true superhero

Iron Man Robot Xiaotian

While Iron Man is all the rage in western world, Chinese are building one of their own behind secret doors. At the 17th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, China’s aerospace agency showed-off their space robot which very closely resembles the Iron Man. They call it ‘Xiaotian’ which means Little sky. Unlike its superhero looks, the robot is destined to do some very responsible tasks like undertaking space station missions, mostly the unmanned space probes.
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Transparent monorail planned for Shanghai looks thrilling enough

Transparent monorail shanghai

Far East has always been at the forefront of railways and the monorail technology with new innovations that make it convenient for commuters to travel safely and fast. Yet again we are on the brink of another railway pinnacle as a model of suspension railway having transparent hanging trains was displayed at the 2014 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.
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Internet connection through light bulbs courtesy LiFi technology

LiFi internet connection

Chinese scientists from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a new kind of data transfer medium for powering up your internet connection. Called as LiFi (light fidelity), the technology refers to high-speed communication and for this particular project uses one watt LED light bulb to transmit signal and provide internet connectivity to four computer simultaneously. Amazingly this new internet connectivity method is much cheaper than the conventional WiFi connectivity and also ensures faster data transfer rate. In successful experiments conducted, the light bulb having microchips was able to produce data transfer rate of 150 MBPS which is more than the average WiFi connection in China.
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