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Chinese Iron Man robot destined for space missions is a true superhero

Iron Man Robot Xiaotian

While Iron Man is all the rage in western world, Chinese are building one of their own behind secret doors. At the 17th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, China’s aerospace agency showed-off their space robot which very closely resembles the Iron Man. They call it ‘Xiaotian’ which means Little sky. Unlike its superhero looks, the robot is destined to do some very responsible tasks like undertaking space station missions, mostly the unmanned space probes.
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Huawei Honor 7i phone has a single swivel camera and unique fingerprint sensor

Huawei Honor 7i phone

The demand for good front-facing cameras is rising due to the selfie craze and manufacturers have this demand in mind. Many smartphones already have impressive front cameras but Huawei has a different take on the rear and front-facing cameras. They have come-up with a smartphone that has one (instead of two different) swappable camera that solves all your photography cravings.

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World’s first 4K display for mobile smartphones is here


4K displays have become the standard these days and with so many electronics manufacturers going for this new tech display revolution such displays are estimated to reach even more consumers. But it is one thing bringing the 4K technology to a TV display and yet another when we talk about the displays for mobile devices. EverDisplay Optronics (EDO), a Chinese display manufacturer is all willing to break that jinx with the world’s first 6-inch 4K AMOLED display.
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Chinese school dropout carves life-size Transformer sculpture to perfection

life size transformer replica

Guys from the Far East have an insightful liking for Transformers and similar robotic mechanical things. Be it the life-size Bumblebee Transformer or the replica of Transformers made from salvaged automotive parts. Beating them all in the size of the replica is this Transformer sculpture created by Luo Xiaoping from East China Zhejiang province. The 20-year old mechanic sculpted this 6.5-meter tall transformer sculpture from thousands of automotive parts in three months’ time.
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Gaudy Chinese 3D printed car reaches speeds of 40km/h

Shuya 3D printed car

With 3D printing anything is possible when it comes to manufacturing custom-made components. But 3D printing a functional automobile is another thing. Sanya Sihai, a Chinese 3D tech company has created China’s first ever 3D printed car dubbed Shuya. And to add to the feat, it is all-electric. The company showed the car on Tuesday in Southern Hainan province and also revealed that it took their team 1.5 months to create it.
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Chinese father-son duo make Transformers replicas from scrap metal

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun

Transformers replicas aren’t new, even the giant ones. Last year, 22-year old guy, Danilo Baletic, from Podgorica, Montenegro, had created full-scale replica of Transformers, entirely made from trash automotive parts. Then there was a three-story high Optimus Prime replica from a Chinese man. In fact Chinese artist had shown more interest in autobots, than enthusiasts from other parts of the world. Read More…

Chinese veteran makes world’s smallest drivable car

Xu Zhiyun invents worlds smallest car

To combat the crowded streets of Shanghai, a 60 year old Chinese inventor Xu Zhiyun has invented the world’s smallest drivable car. The car has been in the making for two years and comes with engine, brake lights, hear system, horn and sound system to complement its miniature build. It cost Xu just £155 ($243 USD) to complete this mini car which is quite economical. The car measures just 60cm in length, 35cm in width and 40cm in height.
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Apple Watch features on Vogue China cover to enhance brand value

Apple Watch Vogue China cover

Apple Watch 18-karat yellow gold

Apple Watch just got featured on the cover page of Vogue China as 26-year-old Liu Wen, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Estee Lauder spokesmodel wore the 18-karat yellow gold Apple Watch having red leather strap along with the Celine striped knit tunic skirt. And there is valid reason for Apple to get the smartwatch featured on Chinese edition of Vogue as its readership is already 1.3 million (bigger than the UK version) in less than 10 years’ time. So why did the Apple Watch feature on the cover of Vogue China edition? Well, perhaps they want to make a thumping statement about the Apple Watch as being a fashion forward wearable that compliments urban lifestyle and status.
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Chinese duo builds two Lamborghini Diablo replicas

handmade Lamborghini Diablo replica

Handmade Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Chinese people are the supreme leaders when it comes to building replicas of expensive sports car. In the past, we have seen so many incredible replicas built by car lovers from China. Today also, we are bringing you two beautiful handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo from the most populous country in the world. Created by racing car fanatics Wang Yu and Li Lintao, the handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo can reach the top speed of 310km/h. The construction work has been carried out in a garage rented out by the pair on the outskirts of Beijing and currently they are working on a replica of the T-Rex motorcycle.
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This home-made tank is a gift from Chinese dad to his son

Homemade tank

Every father wants to gift their children the best things in child’s life, maybe a video game or even a toy car. But a Chinese dad had other ideas as he gifted his son a homemade tank that he crafted out himself. Jian Lin, a 31-year old farmer from Mianzhu village in Sichuan province, who served in the Chinese navy wanted to gift his son something that he would be proud of, so came to his mind the idea of building an operational tank. The three ton tank has everything from a gun turret to a driving unit similar to a real tank and is modelled on People’s Liberation Army’s Type 63A light tanks.
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