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Cadbury Joy Jacket come to life when you eat chocolates

Cadburys Joy Jackets

PR company Golin Harris has teamed up with Hirsch&Mann (UK based technology firm) to create an interactive jacket that responds to the wearer’s act of eating Cadbury chocolates. For the experiment dubbed as Joyville, these specially made interactive jackets called as Cadburys Joy Jackets only react if the wearer eats either Cadbury + Daim or Cadbury + Oreo collaborations. The technology inside these jackets is dominated by Raspberry Pi + Arduino for control interface, flex sensors, servos for actuating the movement, micro-controllers, LED tape for the spell bounding display, vibrating motors, amplifiers, speakers, CO2 inflators, 18 V battery pack and 3D printers. The eye-catchy display around the chest and cuff area of the jacket sets into motion as soon as you hold one of the specified chocolates in hand and then eat them.
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Chocolate beer served in edible chocolate glass is perfect gift this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better to gift your other significant half than a beer chocolate with a glass made of chocolate that can be eaten when you finish the drink. Launched in a Limited Edition of 500, the set has one 300 mL Imperial Chocolate Stout beer in chocolate flavor and a chocolate glass made by St. Gallen to compliment the flavor. The chocolate glass is specially designed to melt in your mouth and not while you are holding it. The raw material for making this beer is chocolate malt which is roasted hot to emulsify the flavors in the beer and the chocolate used is 2.5 times more than used in normal dark beer.

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