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Try a trick or two on this toboggan sled-style skateboard (Video)

Sled skateboard

There’s nothing people wouldn’t do in the name of fun, but this one is far from fun, done specifically in the name of Christmas. Why on Earth would someone otherwise turn a toboggan-style sled into a freakin’ skateboard. You got to be nuts to do that, or rise up one day with Santa knocking you in the dream to come up with such a wired thing. Anyway, guys and Nub TV, already famous for their crazy videos on YouTube, have built a sled-skateboard for Christmas – and they haven’t just build it, the weirdos have even taken it for a spin, breaking some bones in the process. Watch the video and you’ll be surprised, just like the builders themselves, to see how well this damn thing fairs out. Merry Christmas lads – but don’t try this at home! Read More…

Make this funny LED Christmas hat at home for less than $10

LED Chirstmas Hat

It’s December, and people are already getting in the mood for the festive season with DIY creations which are eye-catchy. Some are making cool Christmas trees while others beautifying their interiors and exteriors in festive spirit. So what do you expect from a geek to this Christmas? Maybe a hat embellished with lighting all over. And that is exactly what Imgur user [dstilgar] has come up with. The DIYer got hold of last year’s 30-inch tall hat he bought from Primark for $3, and turned it into a geeky wearable for this Christmas Eve.
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Santa’s sleigh pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’ [w/Video]

Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’

Do you remember the highly stable Spot robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics? The same dog that stands it ground even after humiliatingly kicked by office staff as a part of testing? The robotic dog has got a new task ahead of Christmas and that is to replace Santa’s reindeer and deliver goodies to kids on a snow-laden morning. What you see in this story is Boston Dynamics vision of future Christmas as Spot and its clones pull the sleight ahead. Pretty scary and funny at the same time don’t you think?
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Christmas gift ideas: Gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts

Christmas gift ideas - Gadget accessories for outdoor enthusiasts

This Christmas Eve outdoor adventure is going to be on top of your list for sure. For such outdoor enthusiasts, gadgets are going to be on top of the shopping list to make adventure trips and outdoor activities much more fun. Whether you are going on a hiking trip, trekking adventure or a short outdoor expedition; geeks like you surely want to have these accessories handy with you. Even if you don’t want these gadget accessories for yourself, these make for a good gift this holiday season for friends and family.
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Expect to see Santa’s sleigh soar in the sky this Christmas!

Monty Mendenhall homemade flying sleigh

Christmas is not that far and kids will be really excited about seeing Santa flying high in the sky and shower some blessings on them. Whether Santa really flies with his toys from the northern skies is still a mystery but you can bet to see a remote controlled sleigh flying. Monty Mendenhall, a 71-year-old retired United Airlines pilot from Thomasville has created a remote controlled sleigh with a rotor that can fly.
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What’s on the ultimate man’s Christmas list?


Men, eh? Impossible at the best of times but a total nightmare when it comes to buying for at Christmas. What do you get for the males in your life, those curious species of the human race who find great entertainment in poring over football formations and belly button fluff? Here are a few suggestions of what might just be on the ultimate man’s wish list this Christmas.

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White House drenched in digitized holiday decorations this Christmas

Bo obama dog

For the year’s holiday celebrations this Christmas season, the White House is all set to get a technology boast. As planned, the East Wing and outside décor will have robotic First Dogs that react to anyone passing by, crowdsourced tree lights and interactive greeting card for the First Family. Going with the tech savvy aesthetics of the current administration, officials are all set to petrify the residents with their initiative.
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John Storms’ Christmas spectacle remotely controlled by Nvidia’s Shield console

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/9jWN5Myxtwg?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

GPU giant Nvidia launched their Shield, the Android-powered handheld gaming console on the last day of July, 2013. It is the very first device to use Nvidia’s robust Tegra 4 processor, and has been since used for playing Android games, streaming PC games and even as a portable audio system. And now, John Storms from Texas has found out another glorious application of the powerful console – to control thousands of Christmas lights. Interestingly enough, Storms had been remotely controlling his array of Christmas lights (via PC)  for the last four years. However this time around, things might just turn into a party of geeky magnificence with grandiose lighting displays made possible due to the addition of the Shield console to the fray.

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Christmas gift ideas: Outdoor accessories for adventure junkies

Christmas gift ideasOutdoor-accessories for adventure seekers

We all seek adventure in our life, be it stimulated by some tangible items or on the more spiritual side through natures glory. For the ones who like to explore planet Earth and get the adrenaline rush, there is nothing better than getting hold of your adventure gear and heading towards the wilderness, away from all the hassle of urban life. But sometimes it gets very difficult to choose the adventure gear that is most required in your backpack in case of emergencies or survival. For this you need to get hold of the latest tech savvy adventure gear accessories that are easy to carry and fit in your backpack without taking much space. So take a jump to read on for the most popular adventure gear accessories that will help you out in chalk and cheese situations during your adventure, trekking and hiking trips.
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Incredible Machines’ Christmas tree LEDs can be controlled by the public via web

Incredible Machines' Christmas tree LED

Christmas trees are good. Christmas trees with lights are better. And, Christmas trees with lights that can be controlled over the net are awesome! Well, Incredible Machines, a design team known for their dabbling in technology has come up with a remarkable design that directly involves the public in the Christmas endeavor. The creation entails a Christmas tree integrated by the team’s proprietary Visualight Wi-Fi-enabled lighting platform. Any member of the public can actually hack the tree (via a web browser) with the help of a live video feed of the tree and the controls provided by the designers.

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