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Breeze drone is your personal aerial selfie stick that does a lot more

Yuneec Breeze selfie drone-2

There are hundreds of manufactures and as many or even more drones. While drones for now have been inclined at capturing the world around, the latest innovation from electric aviation company Yuneec called Breeze is a forward-thinking quadcopter that is made to take selfies. The compact drone is easy to fly (yes, ease of operation is in the core of the flying machine) and is meant to be controlled with a mobile device. The Breeze weighs under a pound and features a mobile camera onboard, capable of shooting videos in 4K. Read More…

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars-themed movie theater opens in Nebraska

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater

The mecca for future Star Wars movies could be in the Midwest as Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has revealed their Star Wars-themed movie theater in Omaha, Nebraska. The movie theater has been designed by Kansas City firm Dimensional Innovations. As you can very well imagine, making a Star Wars-themed cinema requires quite a lot of detailing to live up to the expectations of fans, and this architecture absolutely lives up to the levels required.

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Chinese movie theaters showing live audience text comments on the silver screen

live commenting on cinema movie screen by text message

Whenever you go into a cinema hall, the first thing on your mind is to switch-off or keep the phone in silent, so as to prevent any rolling eye-balls in your direction. Also you make it a point not to text or use any chatting apps; totally engulfing in the cinematic experience of your favorite movie. But, Chinese movie theaters are taking a detour from this usual routine and prompting its users to text while watching a movie. And those very texts are the user’s views on the movie or comments on anything dramatic in the movie.
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