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1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V emulated into a life-size cardboard replica

Cardboard 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Miles to Empty 2015

Cardboard art always catches one’s eye because of the intricate details the artist has to put in by sticking all the pieces together. Shannon Goff a teacher at the Penn State University School of Visual Arts and born in Detroit has created one such masterpiece, drawing inspiration from her grandfather’s love for cars and art. Making a cardboard replica of the 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V is no ordinary feat considering its huge size and difficult to emulate detailing. But in the end, Shannon managed to complete this gargantuan DIY project that she calls ‘Miles to Empty’.

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£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car your little one can drive

£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for kids

Want you kid to be as stylish and flamboyant as you are? O if you are a kid reading this you want to have a new toy? Well, then all hail the DB Convertible junior classic cars designed by Nicholas Mee & Co. for the spoiled little brats. A fully functional Aston Martin DB5 inspired collection of petrol-powered classic sports cars for children aged 10 (and over) that is completely hand-made. The junior Bond car measuring 8feet 2 inches by 3feet 4 inches and just 2 feet 5 inches high is powered by an 110cc four-stroke petrol engine coupled to a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox capable of reaching 45mph. The cars have composite coachwork on steel box section chassis, wood-rimmed steering wheel, hydraulic Brembo disc brakes, electric start, lights, horn, indicators and leather/vinyl seats on the inside.
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Hot Rod pedal powered cars to be auctioned for celebrating 80th birthday of 32 Ford ‘Deuce’

Remember the pedal powered cars from your childhood that evokes so many memories and feelings? Well then to commemorate 80th anniversary of 32 Ford Deuce which apparently became the most liked hot-rodder’s car, there is a collection of pedal-powered hot rod cars up for auction on RM Auctions for collectors delight. Each of these nine Deuce pedal cars are designed and build by different custom car builders with each of them started with identical 1932 Ford Roadster pedal car build by Warehouse 36. All these rare pedal powered cars will be kept on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, later to be sold in auctions spanning till 2013.
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Hot tub like Deuce Phanton could very well hit production after decades of lull

The rare Deuce Phanton of 1932 by ol Henry was a limited edition body style for their passenger car line made only in 2000 pieces is definitely one for collector’s edition. This unique car body design looks more like a bathtub fitted inside your car and that is what attracts people to get hold of one. Now Brookville, Ohio’s Brookville Roadsters are looking for the possibility of adding this unique car body to their line of production. This is one such work-in-progress by metal maters John and Tom Carambia out of Hemet, CA was shown off at the LA Roadster Father’s Day show at Fairplex Pomona which lures you into the prospect of having Deuce Phanton body for your own.
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Don’t light fire around this gull-winged 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL wooden replica

Remember the gull-winged 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL that was amongst the most popular exotic cars of that era? Even if you were not born in that time, this classic had its own charm and even now avid car collectors dream of owning it. Interestingly a German craftsman in Duisberg has made a life-size wooden replica of this very classic sans any electrical works or rubber tires. The gull-winged replica looks very detailed and the steering wheel is also functional in case you want to have the feel of maneuvering the wooden car around, without budging an inch however.
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