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Apple San Francisco store to go 100% solar with photovoltaic glass floor

apple solar floor

You already know about Apple’s claimed concern for reducing carbon footprint in production of its electronic products. New Apple Campus/Spaceship Office are already on solar power supplied from a solar system capable of generating whopping 5 MW of power. So, Solar Energy would be the primary source to supply energy needed for operation of the entire campus. Now, Apple has announced installment of a floor at the Apple San Francisco Store to trap more of sun’s power. The giant claims the installment would offset as much as 61 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Read More…

Lumen Flashlight powered by your body heat doesn’t need battery at all

Lumen flashlight

Gosh, those flashlights need to be fed with batteries or recharged after the juice is down. And being a must-have accessory that you might need at any time, you have to carry it in your bag or keep in the drawer. There has got to be some way to have a flashlight that doesn’t require any batteries or recharging from the user side. Thankfully a project is up on Kickstarter that promises limitless power supply without you needing to do anything except than keeping it warm with body heat.
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Pulse jump rope allows you to workout while also producing clean power

Pulse jump rope

Workout sessions generating clean energy – now, that is what can be termed as a truly efficient, self sustaining scope. We are talking about the Pulse, a specially contrived jump rope that can also power your small appliances. The ambit upholds a simple physical process of generating kinetic energy from your human powered jumps. This kinetic energy in turn is converted to electrical energy for conveniently juicing up your daily used devices like smartphones, tablets and battery chargers.

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