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Moskito smartwatch turns into bike speedometer when needed

Moskito smatwatch

As reality has hit the tech community, it has become evident that smartwatches are not as popular as they were initially intended to be. But who says that a smartwatch should only do the fancy fitness tracking stuff? Moskito, a start-up company from Berne, Switzerland has created an analog watch that doubles as a handy accessory for your bike. It shows the current speed, distance travelled and the average speed over a designated route. While doing all that it stills beams notifications from your connected mobile device.
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Flip Dot Clock makes smart use of electromagnets to display time

Flip Dot Clock DIY

We have seen a plethora of clocks that look different and in some cases, they have completely unthought-of functionality. Maintaining our love for the coolest timepieces around, here we have the Flip Dot Clock by Kentaro Iizuka. The maker has done smart use of electromagnets and Arduino controller to create a matrix of flipping dots which display the current time accurately. One side of the dots is colored in neon green color and the other in black color.
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Shock Clock electroshocks you to wake up in the morning

Shock Clock wearable

One common problem that we all face in the morning is getting out of the bed. In that dozed phase, nothing seems more important than nestling in the cozy comfort and losing yourself into sleep again. You can have alarms to wake yourself up in the morning, but you also have the option to shut it down or hit the snooze button. Nobody, but you can stop yourself from ignoring the alarm. That however could change with the Shock Clock by Pavlok Shock Clock, currently up on Indiegogo for funding.
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Japanese wooden clock writes down time instead of showing it!

Japanese wooden clock_1

Of all the amazing clocks that you might have seen out there, you’ll definitely find this one on top of your list. Kango Suzuki, a 22-year old student at Japan’s Tohoku University of Art and Design has designed a wooden clock which writes down time instead pf showing it. Yes, you heard it right, a clock made from 407 individual hand-crafted moving parts and strangely enough called ‘Plock’. The clock was on show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum last week.
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Sherman’s a cute little robot table clock by MB&F

Sherman Robot table clock MB&F-1

Robots aren’t generally meant to sit on your desk. But then, when has MB&F engineered something that can be related to all things cliché. Known for his timepieces that look so much out of this world, MB&F has combined with Switzerland’s most specialized high-end clock manufacturer L’Epée 1839, to develop Sherman, a cute little mechanical robot that tells you time with utmost precision. Employing L’Epée 1839 in-line eight-day movement for its mechanical functioning, Sherman can display absolutely correct time for over a week before requiring rewinding. Read More…

Propeller clock is the coolest gizmo you can make or buy today

DIY propeller clock

Propeller clocks look so cool and although you need a lot of battery power to keep up with time, it’s well worth the expense. Making one seems quite a brainy task but actually it is quite easy to make if you spend some time on the instructables for one. You need a set of LED’s simple microcontroller and spinning motor to give the illusion of an analog or digital clock. The LED’s are switched on and off with time delay to match the speed of rotating motor which is synchronized in such a way that it creates hologram of clock display.
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MB&F’s exclusive Melchior Only Watch 2015 will go to charity auction

MB&F Melchior Only Watch 2015

As a premium watchmaker MB&F has created its own niche with timepieces that are unmatchable. Another one in the portfolio is this 10th anniversary desk clock that takes shape of a robotic figure. Melchior Only Watch 2015 crafted in collaboration with L’Epée 1839 features a mechanism that has jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and has a power reserve of 40 days courtesy the five mainspring barrels. It is worth highlighting that the clock is made from 146 new components (from the 480 total components) that L’Epée has to specially develop like the bulging glass dome or the stainless steel winding key that resembles a Gatling gun.

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MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock is not for the spider haters

MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock_6

MB&F always seems to amaze us with their creations, and definitely Maximilian Büsser has a though process of his own. In MB&F’s latest creation, there is an element of fear and uniqueness which makes it so different. This is Arachnophobia desk clock manufactured in collaboration with L’Epée which is one creepy looking timepiece spider haters won’t love anytime soon. Aptly named, this clock measures almost 40 centimeters when the spider’s legs are fully extended. It can be either put on a desk or mounted in a wall from where you can see time clearly.
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Hat-mounted clock with multiple timezone support

Hat mounted clock

Instructables user [gfish] has come up with a very unique and interesting way to display time. Called as Hat Clock, the DIY project embarks on displaying multiple timezones and GPS functionality. Interestingly the clock has the option of toggling between different timezones by just flipping a switch. To control each hand of the clock, microcontroller paired up with an Arduino controller is used. Since the clock hands need angular control, therefore micro RC servos are used in this clock and for extended 360 degree movement gears are used.
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