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High-end fashion meets iPhone charging trench coat

Junya Watanable solar panel charger coat_5

With winter approaching and your iPhone battery constantly dying, a Japanese designer – Junya Watanable, one of the world’s most esoteric designer, has come-up with an Avant-grade interpretation of both formal and functional wearable tech. The clothing is in the form of a fall/winter collection 2016. It’s a trench coat with embedded solar panels that can charge a smartphone, and also beat the chill of winter days. The jacket features six solar panels, two up front and four on the back, ensuring the longevity of your iPhone battery through a hidden built-in charging unit. Without compromising the attractiveness of the garment, this trench coat is the perfect example of wearable technology, and inseparable relationship between humans and their smartphones.
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Japanese students create robotic coat that hugs you like a girlfriend

Robotic coat hugs you like your girlfriend from behind

A hug from the girlfriend is really fulfilling, it is a feeling that makes you feel happy and satisfied. Now, to make single men have the same feeling of being loved, a team of students at the Tsukuba University in Japan have created a robotic coat – the “Riaju Coat” (Fulfillment Coat) to simulate the feeling of being hugged around the waist from behind by your girlfriend. Read More…