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Drone Racing League is here, have you got what it takes?

Drone Racing League

Drones have gained so much attention in the last couple of years that everyone practically wants one of their own. That craving is now that hard to satisfy as drones come at affordable prices. Now, the next revolution in drone flying is about converting it into a competitive sport, and that is already happening. Drone Racing League announced its inaugural season backed by some huge names and sponsors to show the world what’s coming to them in the years to follow.
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Cybathlon 2016 for parathletes will put on show exoskeletons, prosthetics and brain-control interfaces

Cybathlon 2016 Powered Leg Prosthetics Race

To give disabled athletes a chance to show-off their athletic skills, Switzerland will hold the world’s first Cybathlon, the championship for robot-assisted paratheletes in October 2016 that is going to be hosted by a coalition of Swiss robotics labs. This high-tech mecca of Olympics like games will have brain-controlled events where the athletes will have to beat each other in racing game controlled by brain alone using BCI (brain-computer interface). Another event would include electrical stimulation bike race where players with spinal cord injury will be pre-fitted with functional electrical stimulation devices so that they can pedal a cycling device around a circular course. Other events will have leg prosthetic race, exoskeleton powered race, powered wheelchair race and arm prosthetic race. In total the Cybathlon will have six events which are going to be attended by people from all over the globe.

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Your chance to win life-size Portal gun replica and other goodies

Valve Portal FPS (first person shooter) is one of the most popular game that rocked the scene with its unique gameplay and spatial brain teasing elements. And who can forget the Portal gun featured in this epic FPS adventure. Since the popularity of Portal gun is so overwhelming, crazy DIY’ers have made their own version of Portal guns like the Portal gun made from wood and the Portal Pumpkin DIY. So if you ever wondered you could make a better Portal Gun replica design and then get it made in real from the experts themselves, then this is a one-off chance! PrintExpress and Valve has teamed together to host a competition to give away a full-sized replica Portal Gun along with the piece of art professionally printed along with other goodies to the runners-up too. The runners-up prize will include miniature Portal device, sentry turrets, core plush toys, Valve lanyards and even more!
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Your chance to win Gaming Pod developed by Halo 4 and V energy drink

Nothing satisfies ones gaming thirst but a complete package of simulation enhanced by gaming simulators and sound that makes the whole experience exhilarating. Have a look at this Gaming Pod developed by Halo 4 and V energy drink which is up for grabs via a lucky draw competition held in Australia. Obviously you can expect some real adrenal rush playing games on this gaming simulator and brag among your friends. The Gaming Pod has a 32” LCD TV, 2.1 1000 watt speakers, drink holder and Xbox 360 limited edition Halo 4 Console with 320 GB storage space for your favorite games. The price of the Gaming Pod is a whopping $49,500 and the installation & delivery cost of $300 is also included in the package.
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