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Sony PlayStation unravels 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and Gold Wireless Headset

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller and wireless headset

Sony PlayStation has given us more than one reason to relish all the gaming frenzy for over two decades, and to celebrate countless gaming fun for more decades to come, Sony has revealed a set of limited edition accessories. To celebrate 20 years of PlayStation in Europe, Sony will have DualShock 4 Wireless Controller in original grey and Gold Wireless Headset that will also come in the nostalgic color scheme. Both these 20th anniversary accessories with the distinctive PlayStation logo will come in September to Europe and Asia.
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Oculus Touch controller for next level gaming experience in Virtual Reality

Oculus Touch

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality is going to transform video gaming forever real soon, and Oculus Rift is going to lead the way. Oculus began with wireless Xbox One controller as input device, but to move forward and improve gaming experience in virtual reality, the Rift makers have come up with Oculus Touch – next-gen input device designed to allow gamers to interact with objects in VR most naturally. Read More…

Steampunk PS4 gaming controller is fit for the Victorian era

Steampunk PS4 gaming controller

Doing non-stop gaming on your PlayStation 4 is fun, but of course with your controller that makes the whole session enduring. If you have done countless hours of gaming on your console and got bored of the same controller, then have a look at this steampunk PS4 controller modded by Dr. Leslie Aromo. The modded PS4 controller is inspired by The Order 1886, a single-player third-person shooter video game released for PlayStation 4 on Feburary20, 2015.
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Merge VR Goggles promise immersive gaming using your smartphone’s display

Merge VR Goggles

Merge VR Goggles

Experiencing augmented reality with a VR headset is gaining popularity in current times, and even more so with the option of morphing your smartphone into a display for such kind of headsets. We have had LG come up with a Google Cardboard based VR headset and Samsung Gear VR that utilizes the Galaxy Note 4’s amazing display to the fullest. Young entrepreneurs at San Antonio-based Merge Virtual Reality are longing to do the same, with the controversial iPhone 6 Plus and other major Android-powered smartphones. Infact, the VR Goggles are compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones, and already there is a 360-degree video and VR apps on Apple App Store and Google Play. Read More…

Microsoft Xbox One will come minus the Kinect controller for $399

Microsoft Xbox One gaming controller comes without Kinect

In a move to give the stagnated sales of Xbox One gaming console a boost, Microsoft has thrown in the towel and decided to sell the Kinect controller separately. As you would know, the Kinect motion sensing controller came bundled with the gaming console, but due to stiff competition from Sony PlayStation 4, they have decided to sell Kinect individually to give the shave of around $100 off their gaming console. Microsoft will sell Xbox One gaming console for US$399 from June 9, which is almost same as the Sony PS4 controller, and hopes to revive their dwindling sales soon.
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RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker is controlled by a wand like controller

RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have always captured the imagination of geeks who want to control their favorite music from the cozy corners of their couch. Winters are approaching fast and it is high time one gets hold of a good Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled from quite a considerable distance in style. One out of the many cool interactive Bluetooth speakers that you can consider for your living room is the RUBATO interactive Bluetooth speaker with a controller wand for tweaking audio properties. Once you plug-in the speaker, next step is to control the volume, pitch and rhythm of the music you are listening to using this wand.
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CakeRobot – Gesture controlled robot that you can also make

CakeRobot by Anoop Madhusudanan

This robot christened as CakeRobot is a gesture driven machine designed by Anoop Madhusudanan and the unique thing about it is the ability to maneuver it around using arm and hand movement. Using Kinect for the controller this Arduino powered robot is wirelessly connected to the system using Bluetooth connectivity and a compatible app. Anoop has listed all the hardware needed and the method to build this cool gesture controlled robot yourself which is generous offering by this Arduino and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. According to him even if you don’t have a Kinect then also you can go ahead with the project as you can use a Windows, Android or iOS smartphone instead.
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Limited Edition Thrustmaster LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition Xbox 360 gaming controller

A Ferrari Musetto F1 (front nose section) inspired controller to enjoy your racing games in a whole new way is here as Thrustmaster has introduced its all new Ferrari Gamepad for Xbox, the GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition. With enhanced precision for immersive gaming, the controller has built-in Light Feedback, Vibration Feedback and 2 speed gauges (with 8 built-in LEDs) to illuminate the controller lights in sync with game events. The player can have a good idea about the various parameters like engine speed or the braking during extreme racing to improve in-game performance. Having the signature of world champion Ferrari’s Formula-1 driver Fernando Alonso, this controller is really exclusive.
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Two N64 controllers hacked into one for wider dual stick control in arcade gaming

Have a look at this incredible hack by Bacteria Forum member Clarky who has combined two N64 controllers into one for that extra wide dual stick control while playing arcade games. The inspiration of course came from the fact that dual analog stick N64 controller to play hidden mode within Star Wars Episode 1:Racer allowing the players to control pods using analog sticks of these controllers. But according to another keen participant on Clarky’s forum thread the controller is also good enough for playing Goldeneye.
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