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Hot Wheels and Star Wars join hands to create life-size Darth Vader car

Life-sized Darth Vader car

American toy manufacturing company Mattel is all set to unveil a life-size Darth Vader car at the Comic-Con in San Diego today. To be displayed at Mattel’s booth, the one of a kind full scale version of the Darth Vader car is one amazing collaboration between the Star Wars and Hot Wheels. Designed to impersonate the 1:64 scale Hot Wheels version in every way, the Darth Vader inspired car is fully functional and reportedly can drive at speeds up to 80 mph.
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Smallest electronically fuel injected V8 engine is fit for RC muscle car

Smallest electronically fuel injected V8 engine

The smallest Electronically Fuel Injected engine themed on LT5 engine in C4 generation ZR1 Corvette models is here and it’s damn cool. Made by Keith, this 45cc V8 engine is built from scratch by making a TPI intake manifold that has cross plane crank, Chevy V8 firing order. There are valve covers, overhead cams and a sound that is so reminiscent of sweet sounding Corvette engines. The fuel injector for the engine is out of a Fiat Punto injector parts and Tuner Studio from MegaSquirt as brain for optimizing the fuel efficiency. To get this amazing miniature V8 together Keith did the machining work on a manual Bridgeport and a 10 decade old lathe, now that is DIY at its best.
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1959 Corvette pool table is a sliced red cherry with balls on top

I’ve always played pool in closed rooms with my pals but never ever done it in an open space probably because it was never meant to be that way. If only I had the privilege of leaning down on a 1959 Corvette and hit some really cool screw backs out in the open air it would be the best pool game I ever had. This 1959 Corvette pool table made in the USA made from a real 1959 Corvette Convertible sliced in half from top is just what I imagined and it is one of the geekiest things around town. Complete with working lights controlled via remote, the pool table has the added show of chrome bumpers, trim & hardware, full size steel rims, white wall tires, chrome wheel covers and professional size three piece slate measuring 4 and a half feet by 9 feet.
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