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Sony’s electronic paper watch changes surface pattern like a chameleon

Sony FES Watch

Amidst all the hype about smartwatches, a Sony subsidiary has developed sporty looking e-paper watch which is minimalistic and targeted towards fashion conscious people who believe in form and function. This no nonsense watch dubbed FES Watch has dial face and band which can be customized with varying looks, anytime you want. User can change the B&W patterns in 24 different ways for now and more custom watch faces and band modifications will follow suite.
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Wallet Drone – World’s smallest pocket quadcopter will bring out the kid in you

Wallet drone by Morrison Innovations

Morrison Innovations who successfully funded their tiny little Nano Drone on Indiegogo are now back with a bang in just two months’ time with another improved version that promises even more. This is Wallet Drone, a quadcopter small enough to fit inside your pocket and its striking feature is the ability to fit inside the controller, making it a compact unit that is going to lure buyers. In fact the drone measures just 1.57 x 1.57 inches making it the smallest drone in the world. The controller that it fits inside isn’t that big either at 3.35 x 1.1 inches!
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Pocket3DPrinter -A portable 3D printer for just $299

Pocket3DPrinter 3

The ability to create is a skillful urge and not all can do that. But that sounds to be an old concept as the age of 3D printing has arrived. You can create what you can imagine. If you can’t imagine then there are plenty of ready-made 3D print models to assist you. For last couple of years, 3D printed products are continuously making appearance on various global platforms. However, now, the 3D printing is heading towards more portable and affordable future for all. Read More…

CES 2014: Lumo Lift wearable discreetly vibrates to rectify your standing posture

Lumo Lift

It is good to know that all wearable devices showcased at CES do not intrude upon your personalized health management. There are some that have an ‘ole fashioned’ way of setting things right. We are talking about the Lumo BodyTech’s Lumo Lift, a wearable that vibrates to help you in having a proper standing posture. Envisaged as a small, square-shaped plate, the Lumo Lift has the discreet ability to detect your body’s positional attributes, which also includes the relaxing of our muscles and slouching tendency. On detection, the device simply gives you a gentlemanly reminder to rectify your stance. This would surely come in handy when your boss is moving around the room inspecting his troops.

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3D printed robotic hand aims to be the cheapest prosthetic hand option


Existing prosthetics are great utility devices, sadly though they are far from the reach of average amputees because of their hefty price tags. A cost effective alternative for the costly prosthetic hands is Joel Gibbard’s Open Hand Project. Dubbed the Dextrus Hand, the robotic hand aims to lower the costs of prosthetics significantly. The fully functional robotic hand, which can be put together for well under $1000 features capabilities similar to the most advanced prosthetic hands other there – it can function exactly like a human hand. Read More…

Credit card sized Micro-Phone is one real smartphone


Are you someone who’s sick of all the 5-inch and other bouffant smartphones that are so much hassle to carry? Did you always want a phone that’s small, convenient and can easily fit into your clutch or wallet? If so then, Micro-Phone designed in collaboration by Australian and Chinese companies is just the perfect phone for you. This credit card-sized quad band mobile phone measures as little as 5.5mm thick and weighs less than 40g. The sleek and affordable Micro-Phone is ideal for travelling or an emergency, or just to give to your child when you cannot be with them, yet make sure where they are all the time.
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