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Bitcoin Sound Wallet encrypts your secret keys on vinyl records

bitcoin sound wallet

Bitcoin is a 007 agent feeling for it’s all about secret keys, codes, encryption and anonymity. Send or receive money safely from any part of the world. Bitcoins are actually keys encrypted in codes. It doesn’t matter who has the access to your keys, they could drain all your wealth within a few seconds, and that sounds a very grievous trouble for digital currency users. Read More…

Trade solar energy with real currency using SolarCoin

SolarCoin cryptocurrency
Sun’s energy is in plenty, at least for another eternity. And chances are, in another decade people would be making money by harnessing solar energy. A new kind of currency exchange method called SolarCoin is out there that encourages you to collect this limitless form of energy and in return earn money. This cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin technology has the potential to transform how we trade valuable items for money. This new currency exchange method is a very good initiative that will encourage people to understand the benefits of eco-friendly living and also benefit them in monetary terms. So how does SolarCoin really work?
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