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Spanish doctors implant 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a cancer patient

3D printed rib cage and sternum

3D printing has lately played a very important role in medical science, to be particular in saving lives of people and giving them a new reason to enjoy it to the fullest. Good example of 3D printing saving someone’s live include a 3D printed skull for a patient suffering from chronic bone disease. The latest instance is the implant of a 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a 54-year old Spanish cancer patient who had sarcoma tumor removed from his chest and major part of ribs too at the Salamanca University Hospital.
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Autonomous helicopters to save rainforests from weeds

autonomous helicopters by CSIRO

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have completed trial flights of two of its Project ResQu helicopters near Cairns, locating weeds like the dreaded ‘purple plague’ (Miconia calvescens) in a short span of time and more reliably than ever. The autonomous helicopters are developed to save Australia’s rare and precious rainforests, like the iconic Daintree by detecting the dangerous weed zones efficiently. The robot helicopters offer a safer and more convenient way of mapping weeds in difficult terrains which currently is performed by weed spotters walking through the forest or flying above in manned helicopters.
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3D printed mouthpiece that cures sleep apnoea

3D printed Mouthpiece treats sleep apnoea

In order to better existing devices designed to tackle sleep apnoea, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization researchers have combined with dental company Oventus in Australia to create a 3D printed mouthpiece to prevent people from threatening pauses in breath while sleeping. While present anti-sleep apnoea devices are made to push the lower jaw forward to open airway into the mouth, the new 3D printed mouthpiece has a duckbill and extends from the mouth like a whistle. It is divided into two different airways that lead air back to the throat without the hindrance of blocked nose or tongue. Read More…