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Homemade Batmobile by a vetran is fit for Gotham City

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_3

Rod Warkentin is a big fan of Batman and his Batmobile ever since he watched the gripping TV series and movie. That was when he decided to have his own Batmobile at 13 years old because it was too cool. Four decades from then, Rod lives his dream in a self-made Batmobile. Putting in almost a year of research on how to make this custom car and almost 300-350 hours on creating it. Rod used a 1979 Lincoln Town Car as the base for his Batmobile and after ripping everything apart started working on it from scratch. In fact he zeroed it down to the chassis and drive train.
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World’s best custom-car tagged at 1.5 million took six years in the making!

Custom build car JF Launier

JF Launier builds this car from rusted 1964 Buick Riviera

What you see in the picture above is a custom car build by 39-year JF Launier from British Colombia in Canada that won him the award for America’s best modified car at the Detroit Autorama expo. And you won’t believe its initial condition when Launier bought it for £250. A rusted 1964 Buick Riviera that had no doors or seats. After putting in 22,000 hours over a period of six years, the man got it into top condition by spending a whooping £191,000 on this project. He had to remortgage his parental house to complete the task which is a huge risk, but Launier admits it was worth it all!
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Finally, James Glickenhaus acquires iconic 1970 Pininfarina Modulo

James Glickenhaus

Some car enthusiasts find immense pleasure in putting life to iconic vintage car models. Watching these old beauties on road again is an ensured classic experience. Some of them are given new engine and digital tech, while some cars are preserved in their original form. An eye tempting treat is on its way from renown car collector James Glickenhaus, who has acquired one of the legendary Ferrari models from 70’s; the iconic Modulo. Read More…