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Cyclevision helmet with rear HD camera gives rider eyes in the back of the head

Cyclevision helmet

As a cyclist you’d know how vulnerable you are on the road riding amid all kinds of vehicles. There are many safety gears and security systems designed for riding, but no one has before thought of allowing the cyclists to know what’s behind them. As a solution, Australian firm Cyclevision has designed Skully helmet. This is no ordinary helmet;  Skully has a pair of HD cameras embedded into the frame – one camera is fitted in the front and there is one at the back which gives cyclists ‘eyes’ in the back of their heads. Read More…

These 16 trendy accessories will keep cyclists safe on road

Shiva helmet

When you’re riding a cycle on street, you share the space with cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, pedestrians and other cyclists of course. When you see the danger on road, you can avoid it, or at least manage to keep yourself safe by reacting in time. The real problem is when you cannot see the danger, that’s when you need cycling gear that can keep you safe from most potential dangers on road. So, if you’re a daredevil rider, or a safety first kinda cyclists, here are sixteen trendy bike accessories to keep you safe while riding. Read More…

Znex Notstrøm Battery bank mounts on your mountain bike for charging gadgets

Znex Notstrøm power bank for bikes

Power Bank for your bike

Adventure and technology go hand-in-hand these days since one needs to be connected via mobile devices at all times. As a mountain bike rider there is no limit to the kind of adventure that awaits you, and that is why you need a source that can charge your smartphone on the go. Sure, portable battery banks are a good option, but they can only last for 2-3 charge cycles before they need a recharge, plus they need to be carried in your backpack. Znex Notstrøm Battery bank is an accessory that attaches to your bike and provides uninterrupted charging capabilities for your mobile devices.
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