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When classic characters are brought into the modern era

Batman vs. Superman

Comic book superheroes have been one of the Hollywood movie scene’s staple attractions for decades now, from the 1970s Superman and 1980s Batman films to the Batman vs. Superman movie that was released earlier this year. This popularity has meant that the major characters from Marvel and DC comic books have modernized and rehashed fairly constantly, to enable the studios to reboot franchises, re-sell old films and produce action figures for sale, and this article will examine that process in more detail.

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Marvel and DC Comics-themed business suits coming your way soon

Marvel and DC Comics themed formal suits

Visiting Fun.com doesn’t reveal anything more than the fact that we could soon have Marvel and DC Comics-themed formal suits in the market. The yet to launch business wear for men (at least that’s what the pictures on the site suggest) is slated to feature suits and ties with designs, logos and other patterns from Marvel and DC comics franchise. Read More…

Large-scale Lego sculptures of DC comic characters to debut in Sydney [In Pictures]

The Art of the Brick - DC Comics -2

If you have an obsession for Marvel comics and Lego bricks, and for an obvious reason want to see the two under one roof – head over to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia, where the world’s largest collection of DC Comics-inspired LEGO artwork is at show. The Art of the Brick: DC Comics, which summons all super hero and super villains is world is work of seasoned Lego artist Nathan Sawaya and is scheduled to open to public on November 21, and it’s expected to remain there until May 1 before going off to a world tour. Read More…

Life-size Lego Batmobile crafted from half a million Lego bricks

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

New York-based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been fashioning Lego creations for 10 years now, and his love for Lego artwork provides him a medium to channel his creativity when he is not a corporate lawyer. His best master-piece yet just got revealed and it draws inspiration from Batman’s famous ride, the Batmobile. It is not surprising that someone has made a full-sized replica of Batman’s crime fighting machine, but mind-you it is the first time one has crafted a Lego Batmobile of such huge proportions. To make this 18-feet long Batmobile sculpture, Sawaya took help from acclaimed DC Entertainment Co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.
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Batman v. Superman Lego Batmobile coming to Comic-Con

Lego batmobile Batman v. Superman

While you are preparing for the Comic-Con kicking off in San Diego on July 9, you must keep in mind that a new Lego Batmobile is going to be one of the main attractions there. Lego is preparing to unveil construction kit for a Batmobile designed after the caveman’s ride to be featured in Zack Snyder directed “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, scheduled to release on March 25, next year. The Lego Batmoble set comprises 306 pieces, and comes with pair of stud shooters, Batman minifig, two mysterious characters and an additional ride. Read More…

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is one mean machine!

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Batmobile for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Official Trailer of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie got released last month and we were all waiting for drapes to come off the new beefed-up Batmobile. Well, that just happened at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) uncovered the Batmobile for the most anticipated movie for next year.

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