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These James Bond inspired guns won’t let anyone suspect foul play

Bond inspired guns

Keeping weapon for safety is a priority for many people out there and the smaller the better. Best strategy is to go for a gun which is easily disguised and not a hassle to carry. For this very reason we decided to show you some of the best mini guns which will be your weapon in times of need. Some of these guns look inspired from Bond movies and why not, a bit of style does the trick into fooling your enemies. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest compact guns from around the globe which made the headlines and some of them are controversial too.
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10 deadliest slingbows you can make at home


Making a weapon at home is not the best idea for a novice DIYer, but you’ve got to start somewhere I believe. Whether you want to do it just for fun or increase your portfolio for DIY projects made at home, weapons should always be used in a safe environment. In this edition of DIY homemade weapons we have a collection of the coolest crossbows that you can make in your basement and show-off to friends or maybe shoot a rabbit in the woods, and nothing more. Let’s have a look at some of the best slingbows that are easy to make at home and have good impact when they hit the target.

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DIYer builds a zapping laser gun that can fry your flesh!

laser gun by Patrick Priebe

No wonder Patrick Priebe is a much respected DIYer who always comes up with his own unique creations. Last time around it was an electric hammer, but his love for making futuristic weapons, guns in particular is hard to deny. Not surprising that now he has custom build a working replica of Jinx’s gun from the multi-player online battle arena video game League of Legends. The gun made from gold-painted aluminum and brass has a main white and blue LED in the barrel and two LEDs in the back.
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10 Deadliest weapons you can make for yourself

Although making functional weapons can land you in trouble with the local authorities but it is none less the fun building your weapon of mass destruction sans any violence of course. Geek nerds out there are not going to let go of opportunity to build any potent weapon that leaves on lookers bamboozled and amazed. Building weapons on your own carries its risks, but hey if you are reading this then you already know that it should be done in controlled environment with utmost care. So let’s have a look at some of the deadliest weapons you can make easily in your den and brag about it on the streets without causing any offend able violence.

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