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Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com testing delivery drones outside Beijing

JD.com delivery drones-1

After Japanese delivery service Rakuten and San Francisco based startup Zipline, Chinese e-commerce company JD.com has launched consumer goods delivery trial using drones. The company has begun testing delivery using drones in rural locations outside the capital city of Beijing. According to different claims by different websites, JD.com has started trails with either five or 30 drone fleet. Read More…

Google drones fly of Chipotle trucks to deliver burritos in Virginia Tech

Google delivery drone Virginia tech

Google’s parent company Alphabet has been working on delivery drones under Project Wing for quite some time. Now, in collaboration with Chipotle Mexican Grill, the company is all set to execute trial flights of the drones delivering burritos to the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The drones approved by FAA’s new commercial guidelines will fly out autonomously from Chipotle food trucks, but will have manual backup ready to take controls in case of any problem.    Read More…

Mercedes Benz Vans will have drones on top to deliver packages in last mile

Mercedes benz vans delivery drones

Sprinter Vans manufacturing arm of German car maker Mercedes Benz has designed delivery vans that will board two drones on the roof. Mercedes Benz Vans has partnered with Silicon Valley-based drone maker Matternet, to envision a future where delivery drivers will fly drones to deliver packages in the last short distance – the driver will park the van in the neighborhood and deliver one package, while the two drones onboard the van will be guided to deliver another two packages. Read More…

Google is developing a system of drones to deliver goods

Google Project Wing drone

Amazon and Domino’s Pizza Inc. have already invested in the development of delivery drones to provide goods to their online customers. Adding to the competition, Google is also building a fleet of drones that will deliver goods to the people much faster. Named Project Wing, the idea behind the delivery drones comes from the house of Google’s “X” lab. A team led by Nick Roy, a MIT aeronautics professor has been working on this project for two years. However, the company believes it would take years to develop a fleet of fully-functional flying drones that could achieve multiple deliveries per day.
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Company dabbles with the cool initiative of drones delivering flowers

Flower Delivery Drone program

Technology and emotions; the two vastly different fields are not always known to conform to each other. However, with our present-day applications of technology, the vast ‘mechanized’ scope is certainly crucial for the more ‘personalized’ side of affairs. This is aptly proven by the Flower Delivery Drone program. The innovative Valentine’s Day-oriented project is started by the FlowerDeliveryExpress.com, a multi-million dollar company that has been delivering flowers for over 67 years. And as this new program name suggests, the organization is now looking forth to develop a special delivery system that involves drones and flowers.

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UPS dabbling with their version of drone delivery system

UPS drone delivery system

Drones delivering packages? You betcha! Following Amazon’s lead, global package delivery company UPS (United Parcel Service of America, Inc.) has now jumped on the bandwagon of futuristic technology. According to the grapevine, UPS has been testing what seems to be a specialized drone delivery system. The interesting scoop is: they are evaluating their system to work in a different manner, with the project to be finalized by two years. Now, of course, we can’t gather much from the cryptic scheme of things; but one thing is for certain – the future of package delivering is prepping up to take the robotic route.

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