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Elderly will ditch canes and walkers for Superflex’s robotic-powered suit

Aurora Powered Suit

There are many drawbacks of growing in age, one of them is the difficulty to carry out activities of daily living. In collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar’s studio FuseProject, Superflex has designed powered-clothing to enhance day-to-day experience for the aging population. Dubbed Aurora Powered Suit, the powered undergarment is aimed at helping the elderly with mobility challenges posed by age and illness. Read More…

Transformers costume made from Amazon Prime boxes


People keep surprising us with their unique ideas and artwork which have never been seen before. This one is right up there with the unique dirt cheap creations. Caron Arnold, a creative director of Fusions Marketing agency in St. Louis has come up with her own version of a Transformer costume made from cardboard boxes.
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Vacuum-sealable bags increase or decrease in size with what’s stored inside

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom

Inspired by travel and mobility and troubled by the thought for how some Chinese carry and transport their belongings; design student Casper Notenboom developed a collection of Increase/Decrease bag that adapt size depending on what is stored inside them. Generally, we have different kinds of bags for various category of use. For instance, we have a laptop bag for office, a back pack for camping and a suitcase for business travels. With the idea to maximize movement of growth and shrinkage, Notenboom has arrived at bags that increase or decrease in size depending on its contents. Read More…

Smart Tactile Paving – Traffic lights for smartphone addicts

Smart Tactile Paving

Using smartphones while walking on crowded city streets is not a good idea. All of us know it, but still risk using our phones while crossing streets. Games like Pokemon Go have increased the risk quotient even more in the recent months. To counter this risk-taking instinct of smartphone addicted people, an Australian firm has come-up with the idea of Smart Tactile Paving concept. The idea is to provide red lights in peripheral vision of people using smartphone for texting, gaming, social-networking or any other activity.
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Florida resident sues Apple for $10bn for stealing his drawing to design the iPhone

man sues apple for $10bn in claim

Some people rise up late in life, and such is a scenario with a Florida man who goes with the name of Thomas S. Ross. According to Thomas, Apple has somehow robbed him from his due. Thomas claims Apple stole his idea and created the iPhone nine years ago (yes, that’s the time the man has taken to come to terms with the fact that Apple has actually robbed him). Anyway better late than never, the Florida resident is suing Apple for $10 billion claiming that Apple has stolen a patent he had filed for an “electronic reading device” (ERD) he had filled in 1992. The ERD patent reveals it to be a rectangular, hand held device with a rounded corners and a screen (it does look similar to and iPhone first released on June 29, 2007). Read More…

Rolls Royce Vision 100 Concept: Opulent self-driving electric car of the future

Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept car_4

While other automotive manufactures are concentrating on making a self-driving car for normal users, Rolls Royce has something extravagant to offer. The BMW owned brand well-known for its opulence and a high-end cluster of customers, has now decided to foray into the future forward self-driving automotive market. The Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept car clearly gives us a glimpse of what luxury self-driving cars will be like 10-20 years down the line. Even by RR’s standards, the electric engine driven concept car overshadows its current models. This two-seater haven in luxury mobility is more than 19 feet long, and given new meaning to the expression automotive haute couture.

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HP Sprout all-in-one desktop scans 3D objects for better learning

HP Sprout all in one PC desktop_4

Your PC can mean your world and what you make of it is completely at your discretion. You can do so much with the world’s knowledge just a few keywords a-drift. Targeting the tech savvy section of young people who are keen on learning new ways to explore the possibilities with their computer, HP wants to bring the pearls of knowledge right onto your fingertips. HP Sprout all-in-one desktop for the creative lot out there has a 3D camera sitting right on top of the desktop screen which is capable of scanning real objects and create a rendered image on desktop to toggle around with.
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Lego sculptures that’ll blow away your mind


Lego creations always absorb us, and every other day we see a unique creation come-up that brings a smile to our face. In a way Legos are a childhood toy that attracts big boys too for its ability to craft into limitless figures. Basically, sky is the limit if you are creative enough. Sean Kenney, a Brooklyn-based artist is trying to touch the apex of the creative limits with his collection of Lego sculptures that are brilliant.
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Maxplo All Weather Concept Tire takes on any terrain and weather conditions with ease

Kumho Maxplo all weather concept tires

Kumho Maxplo all-weather concept tires

Driving a high performance vehicle on a varying terrain requires specially crafted tires that provide grip and balance. But in real world situation it is practically impossible to create a high performance tire that can take on any kind of surface like rain, snow or sand. For each of these weather conditions you’ll need a different set of tires which provide the needed grip and traction.
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Batman Vs. Superman movie should feature this intimaidating 3D printed Batsuit

Arkham Origins Batsuit by Julian Checkley

Anything that has to do with Batman sells like hot cakes. Whether it is a Batmobile or Batsuit, DIYers have shown us the possibilities of creating merchandize related to this Gotham superhero. Another one that has come to light is a 3D printed Batsuit that seems to be inspired by the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Origins video game which shows our superhero in a funky armored suit in a graphics intensive setting.
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