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This PC Desk packs loads of hardware for hungry gamers

PC Desk case mod

PC mods are cool and making a custom designed PC case is interesting and worth the effort. For that very reason DIY’ers invest a lot of time in building unique case mods. This one though is in a league of its own for its sheer design niche. In fact it is shaped like a desk which has loads of cabinets to house all your fancy, powerful hardware. The DIY desk is work of [Crafted Workshop] who call it desk PC which is true to its name and function.
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Retro arcade machine built from leftover IKEA furniture

ArcadeMicke DIY

Arcade machines of the 80s and 90s era have left an undeniable memory in our memories and nostalgia strikes whenever a DIY comes across with the promise of a reminiscent gaming arcade. This one too makes me remember the good old days when playing games in the arcade was the best thing in this world. The DIY project by SIN Tchan shows you how to create an arcade cabinet from IKEA furniture’s left over pieces. The project is quite simple and involves a $49.99 IKEA Micke desk and 25-inch monitor.
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Altwork Station lets you work on desktop while standing, sitting or lying down


Alright, when you’re hyper focused on what is in front of you, you forget to get up and take a break from your workstation. Alternatively, if you’re someone who spends endless time tethered to your desktop (and are not dead focused on the screen of discomfort) – you would want the Altwork Station. Designed as a combination of a standing desk, a comfortable sitting work-desk and a fully automated reclining workstation; the Altwork Station comprises a recliner attached to a arm to hold a monitor. The workstation is up for pre-order at $5,900 (early bird price is $3,900) US delivery is expected in mid-2016. Read More…

Lizard Desk – DIY Computer desk that’ll catch your eye

Lizard Desk DIY Computer desk table

We haven’t seen an eye-candy type of PC case mod in a long time now. But that just changed as this Lizard Desk computer desk caught our eye. This PC desk is built by Awadon from Lodz, Poland who made use of oak wood planks for the counter-top and legs. While for the detailed carvings he made use of beech wood which exemplified the artistic look of this desk table.
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Augmented reality bulb morphs any surface into interactive touchscreen

It’s not uncommon to see computers in small form factors shoved inside frames you never thought would be possible a decade ago. This one is truly out of the box as it turns a light bulb socket with a camera and projector into a simple touch screen on a desk or table. Natan Linder and his colleagues at MIT’s Media Lab have created LuminAR device which can project interactive images on any surface and amazingly as you put your finger on any element within those images it becomes an input for the computing interface, altering the function of a surface or object. Using a camera, projector and software the objects are recognized and imagery projected around them.
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Steampunk Cigar Desk featuring the Steampunk cigars will smoke you away

Made completely from antique parts, this Steampunk desk built for General Cigar LTD, by Dr. Grymm Laboratories is one for the tradeshows and a part of promotion strategy for new Foundry Steampunk Cigars. Having many movable and functioning parts like pedal powered set of gears, 5.1 surround system running via a MP3 player having custom sound designed by Mark Davis, Automotron hands on conveyer belt working dimable lights fitted with Edison bulbs and amazingly a steam powered engine that releases a blast of steam just to take the onlookers by surprise. Now coming onto the Steampunk cigars it in a way looks like being inspired by the Victorian era with Steampunk elements incorporated not only in the desk but the cigars too.
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GO-GO convertible rocking chair doubles as a workstation and racing simulator

Don’t you wish that your regular rocking chair could morph into a workspace device or a racing chair for playing simulation games like Need For Speed? If this is all that you wished for then your wish has come true with GO-GO convertible rocking chair which can be your rocking chair while listening to serene music, a dedicated workstation for important work online and a racing cockpit when you are in the mood for playing racing simulation games. The main motive behind this intuitive design was to have a chair that can have multiple uses without any compromise in space and GO-GO convertible rocking chair does this very well.
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