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Why ‘PC Gaming’ is better than ‘Console Gaming’

PC gaming vs console gaming 22

Recent years have seen the number of handheld console enthusiasts rise exponentially, thanks to cutting edge innovation in the industry. Despite competition from Microsoft’s Xbox line, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stood its ground in 2016 to again become the year’s most sought after electronic device made exclusively for gaming. And now with the release of the PlayStation Pro, things are expected to get even better for the company.
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Microsoft Surface Studio is bliss for creative people but it’s too expensive

Microsoft Surface Studio

When technology meets creativity, magic happens. That is exactly what Microsoft Surface Studio wants its user to experience. This all-in-one desktop PC is tailor-made for creative people and its debut came as a welcome surprise for people present at the product launch event in New York. Clearly, Microsoft is taking the fight to Apple Mac Pro with the Surface Studio.
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HP Sprout all-in-one desktop scans 3D objects for better learning

HP Sprout all in one PC desktop_4

Your PC can mean your world and what you make of it is completely at your discretion. You can do so much with the world’s knowledge just a few keywords a-drift. Targeting the tech savvy section of young people who are keen on learning new ways to explore the possibilities with their computer, HP wants to bring the pearls of knowledge right onto your fingertips. HP Sprout all-in-one desktop for the creative lot out there has a 3D camera sitting right on top of the desktop screen which is capable of scanning real objects and create a rendered image on desktop to toggle around with.
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Aspirus smart workstation for people who focus on productivity

Aspirus smart workstation_2

With passage of time the size of desktops and workstations has reduced considerably, giving the end-users greater options when it comes to portability. Another aspect about desktop computers that has changed is the freedom to organize and use them with multiple screens in a workstation format. Another well organized and useful desktop workstation has managed to get itself funded on Indiegogo is Aspirus. This standing desktop workstation configuration comes with clutter-free design tactically accommodated in a minimalistic space engaging configuration.
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Altwork Station lets you work on desktop while standing, sitting or lying down


Alright, when you’re hyper focused on what is in front of you, you forget to get up and take a break from your workstation. Alternatively, if you’re someone who spends endless time tethered to your desktop (and are not dead focused on the screen of discomfort) – you would want the Altwork Station. Designed as a combination of a standing desk, a comfortable sitting work-desk and a fully automated reclining workstation; the Altwork Station comprises a recliner attached to a arm to hold a monitor. The workstation is up for pre-order at $5,900 (early bird price is $3,900) US delivery is expected in mid-2016. Read More…

Apple announces 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display and other ‘Magic’ accessories


Apple is giving its 21.5-inch iMac a good boost of 4K resolution (4096 x 2304) on the new HiDPI Retina display which is a big leap from the 1080 resolution display. That means a sharper and vivid display which will make it even more desirable. Along with that Apple is giving it a boost with faster processor, RAM and graphics improvement. The 27-inch 5K model (5,120 x 2,880 resolution) also comes with the wider color gamut boost for reproducing colors on the screen.
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IFA 2015: Acer Revo Build is a modular PC you can actually buy

Acer Revo Build series modular PC at IFA 2015

Modular PCs are going to be the next trend and there is no denying the fact that everyone wants to capture this untapped market in the coming years. Big names like Razer have tested their hands at making a prototype modular PC that is currently undergoing further development and Now Acer have one of their own. Announced at IFA 2015, the Acer Revo Build modular PC looks feasible and practically possible to roll-out in the consumer market. And yes, it is way past the prototype stage and you can get hands on it from October 2015.
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Alienware Graphics Amplifier turbo boosts your laptop with graphics processing power

Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware just got their best shot at making high-end gaming even more fruitful for avid gamers who have a laptop. Ideally it is not advised to play high-end graphics intensive games on a laptop since it can be a real battery killer and also can’t handle FPS games that require massive processing power. Just as they released the eye-popping Area 51 gaming PC, Alienware have also released the Graphics Amplifier, an accessory that turns your laptop into a hardcore gaming machine without sacrificing any battery issues.
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Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with a truly other-worldly ergonomic design

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with triad-design

The thumping Alienware Area 51 gaming PC from Dell is finally going to be available for purchase from October 28, which is today. This one hell of a designed gaming desktop comes with a high-end processor and chipset from Intel and new generation desktop graphics card from Nvidia. The Alienware Area 51 is a hexagonal shaped CPU having triad-design that has an Intel Haswell-E 6- and 8-core processors for unmatchable gaming performance teamed up with ultra-HD 4K display.
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Tango PC: Customizable palm-sized computer carries a vision for the future

Tango PC pocket sized computer

So what does it mean when we say, an all-in-one PC? A PC that can do multi-tasking, provide multimedia goodness or lay a platform for high-end gaming? In real sense these are just some of the inherent functions of this revolutionary device. But a real all-in-one PC is what Tango Super PC is about. A PC that is capable of transforming into a Windows, Linux, Steam, Chrome OS PC, or Gaming console and is no bigger than your tablet in size. So, in a way you can carry your PC in your pocket making your business more streamlined and home entertainment more pleasurable. Tango PC is a functional desktop in your pocket that can take many forms depending on your needs.
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