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Smart shoe sole prevents diabetes ulcers from developing in the foot

Smart shoe Sole for diabetic ulcers_2

Diabetes is a dangerous condition which can lead to other complications which is worse cases leads to amputation of the foot or even fatality. To prevent such horrendous after-effects of a major diabetic attack, the researchers at EPFL’s Integrated Actuators Laboratory in collaboration with Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have developed a smart shoe sole which prevents the development of diabetic foot ulcers or inhibits the present ones from worsening. This is done by valves in the sole which electronically control the pressure applied to the foot arch. Actuators control the stiffness of the sole to drastically reduce the chances of developing diabetic foot ulcers.
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Pressure-monitoring stocking for diabetics is going to be a life-saver

Pressure monitoring stockings for diabetics

Being diabetic comes with its own set of problems which can be very depressing. One problem that most of the diabetic patients encounter is the lack of sensation in their feet. It can be the inability to sense pressure or temperature signals which is not a good sign, and in extreme cases feet or toes of the patient need to be amputated to prevent spreading of infection. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a pair of pressure stockings that helps the patient in detecting any signs of infection or wounds, and unlike other products this one measures pressure from every possible angle.
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GlySens ICGM – Noninvasive glucose monitoring sensor makes you forget about diabetes

GlySens ICGM System glucose monitoring system

When we talk about diabetes, there are lot of problems that come along with it. The foremost being the hassle of monitoring the blood glucose level by pricking the finger for blood. Or maybe even the latest implanted sensors that require frequent calibration and replacement. To get over this basic problem with diabetes related care, GlySens is working on quarter-sized glucose monitoring system that is implanted into patient’s body and works for over one year before needing replacement. GlySens ICGM System is one solution that will improve the lifestyle of diabetes patients as they won’t be required to take blood samples for keeping a check on their glucose levels. All they would need to do is monitor the glucose levels on a device that is paired with the sensors implanted in the body.
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