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5-year old Katelyn gets 3D printed prosthetic hand in her favorite pink color

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm

It’s heartbreaking when you see a kid having disability, basically it just shatters you. That is where technology come-in to restore some faith in humanity. 3D printing is one example of technology being used for good, as we have seen so many times in the past. Yet again, 3D printing has given a small little kid a new lease of life. Meet five-year old Katelyn Vincik from Vitoria, Texas who was born with an underdeveloped left hand. The cute little girl has been in the queue for receiving a prosthetic hand for a very long time, and finally her eagerness has been rewarded.
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Siena students develop 3D-printed prosthetic arm for 9-years-old NY girl

Karissa Mitchell 4

A group of physics major students at Siena College gave a big surprise to a little girl that brought back smile on her face. These students built a 3D printed prosthetic arm modeled off the movie Frozen. Karissa Mitchell, 9, was born in New York without right hand. In fact, most of her wrist was missing. We can only imagine what it feels like to be unfortunate enough to have born without a limb, so getting it back would be no less than a miracle. You should definitely see the video to see that cute, chirpy smile on Karissa’s face. Read More…

Derby gets improved 3D printed prosthetic legs

Derby dog with improved 3d printed prosthetic legs

This is Derby, a dog born with underdeveloped legs and thanks to 3D printing he is able to walk freely since last year when he first got them on. But there were certain design flaws that made his movement restricted and also forced him to lean downwards, lower than what a husky is used to. So, 3D Systems got to work and designed a pair of improved prosthetic legs which improved on these limitations. Now, Derby is able to walk upright with 3D printed prosthetic design which keeps the pouch more comfortable.
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Disabled inventor’s eye-controlled wheelchair wins top prize of $196,000

Patrick Joyce Eyedrivomatic

Life is very difficult for people with disability who are dependent on caregivers to move from one place to the other in a wheelchair. Especially for people with motor disability which limits them from using electric wheelchairs. To get over this problem for people with such disabilities, Patrick Joyce from Wells, Somerset, Steve Evans from Thames and David Hopkinson from Ditton inSurrey have developed an Eyegaze technology module called Eyedrivomatic.
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Innovative art roller by artist Szot lets differently-abled kids draw and paint

Dwayne Szot art roller

Dwayne Szot of ZotArtz is an artist of his own kind. When other artists are drawing satisfaction in creating the most magnificent art for exhibitions and museum walls, Szot has a career committed to developing state-of-the-art tools to allow kids with various disabilities to draw, paint and stamp among other things. Since around the late 80s, Szot has been revealing new innovations to his painting wheelchair, which provide kids with limited ability to do a whole lot of things that normal children can do. madison miller-smith, a seven-year-old second grader, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) at birth, is one of the users of Szot art roller, which has transformed her life for good. Read More…

Physically disabled Alex plays Minecraft by twitching his eyebrows

With a vision to bring back fun and inclusion into lives of people with physical disabilities, Special Effect – a charity in the United Kingdom, has been helping disabled beat physical disabilities to enjoy video games. To allow a disabled gamer, Alex, play video games of his choice; Special Effect, has outfitted him with a technologically advanced game controller. A controller that lets Alex play Minecraft by twitching his eyebrows – sounds bewildering, but it’s true. Read More…

Cybathlon 2016 for parathletes will put on show exoskeletons, prosthetics and brain-control interfaces

Cybathlon 2016 Powered Leg Prosthetics Race

To give disabled athletes a chance to show-off their athletic skills, Switzerland will hold the world’s first Cybathlon, the championship for robot-assisted paratheletes in October 2016 that is going to be hosted by a coalition of Swiss robotics labs. This high-tech mecca of Olympics like games will have brain-controlled events where the athletes will have to beat each other in racing game controlled by brain alone using BCI (brain-computer interface). Another event would include electrical stimulation bike race where players with spinal cord injury will be pre-fitted with functional electrical stimulation devices so that they can pedal a cycling device around a circular course. Other events will have leg prosthetic race, exoskeleton powered race, powered wheelchair race and arm prosthetic race. In total the Cybathlon will have six events which are going to be attended by people from all over the globe.

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Go Baby Go designs custom toy cars for physically disabled children

Go Baby Go cars for disabled kids

Physical disability can be a real roadblock for a child who has to bear the wrath of fellow kids who are just normal because they can’t physically keep up with healthy ones. This can have a real effect on how the kid grows up and probably his/her mindset for the rest of their life. Cole Galloway, a physical therapy professor from the University of Delaware has taken the gauntlet on his shoulders to change that with an all new concept of making customized mobility toys for children with disabilities so that they can lead a very normal life. Go Baby Go is an initiative which gives these unfortunate children the chance to be physically abreast all the other kids in their group.
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Winkymote: Eyemakeup that controls TV with a wink

Winkymote empowder eye makeup

Just a couple of months ago we saw the eye makeup controlled drone soar high in the sky and this time around there is a very unique concept of eye makeup used for controlling your TV for example. Developed for people with certain kind of disability, the Winkymote has been developed for 33-year old Felipe, an ex-jujitsu player who suffers from quadriplegic disability, a kind of limb paralysis induced by injury or illness. Winkymote device uses a special eyemakeup called Empowder which is a human skin like material that sits around the eye area and when the person having it makes certain specific movement it detects the command and sends to the device via infrared. For example if Felipe wants to turn on/off the TV or change channels he simply blinks both eyes and left or right eye respectively for the corresponding actions, so without even moving his body or limbs he can operate the TV.

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Touching tactile mobile phone concept by Peter Lau designed specifically for blind people

Touching tactile concept mobile phone for blind and visually impaired

We all go on cribbing about our touchscreen smartphones with a very user friendly interface but people who are blind can’t even think of using them, simply because they don’t have any other means of operating the phone. Keeping this in mind an intuitive designer Peter Lau has come up with the design of a tactile mobile phone for the blind, visually impaired, elederly users and sighted users which is good news for people with such unfortunate disability. Called as Touching, this concept mobile phone works on claw and fingertip action to initiate various functions like dialing numbers or searching through the phonebook for specific contacts. This ergonomic user experience comprises fourteen functional button that are easily locatable with finger tips or hand and for ease of use the main button are located in a grip for fast navigation with thumb. Although there is no outgoing SMS function right now but one can send SMS by recognizing the voice message and then translating it to send the message. On top of that the mobile phone has voice recording, MP3 playback, NFC (Near Field Communication) and wireless power recharging capabilities.

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